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Dolly Parton Reveals Why She Never Had Children With Husband Carl Dean

Dolly Parton Reveals Why She Never Had Children With Husband Carl Dean

Dolly Parton has been busy with her career and philanthropic efforts in her life but having children hasn’t been on her radar. She’s been married to her husband, Carl Dean, since 1966. They’ve enjoyed their lives together and apart. Giving birth to children of her own was not that important to Parton.

“When you’re a young couple, you think you’re going to have kids,” Parton sold Saga Magazine. “But it wasn’t one of those burning things for me.”

Now, Dolly Parton does love kids. Let’s be clear about that. What she doesn’t miss, though, is going through a pregnancy. “I haven’t missed it like I thought I might,” she said. “I had my career and my music, and I was traveling.”

Dean has chosen to live out of the spotlight. He doesn’t make public comments on her career and life, either. She keeps details of their relationship private, too.

Dolly Parton Stays Busy With Different Projects

Dolly Parton, though, considers her work with the Imagination Library Initiative important. It provides books for children from birth until they start school. “I always say God didn’t let me have children so that all kids could be mine,” Parton said.

But there was one time where having a child was a possibility for the country music superstar. “I had a window to have a child, but [at] the end of the day, I loved working, and I grew up with great parents who sacrificed everything for me,” Parton said. “If I’d had kids, I’d have stayed at home with them, I’m sure, and worried myself to death about them. With everything that’s going on, I’d hate to be bringing a child into this world right now.”

She has been making headlines with her rock music-inspired album Rockstar. It comes along as Dolly Parton also was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Rockstar happens to be the 49th solo album that Parton has released in her incredible career.

The Queen of Country Can’t Be Pigeonholed

While it might be easy to pigeonhole Dolly Parton as a country artist, she’s done so many things in her career. Parton has starred in movies like 9 to 5 and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Among the other artists with whom Parton has done duets includes Kenny Rogers, Porter Wagoner, and Miley Cyrus.

Her Dollywood park is going to have a new exhibit going up in May. It will be called the Dolly Parton Experience, which will take the place of the Chasing Rainbows Museum. She remains quite involved with all of her projects. One might say that these, too, are her children in a way.

Dolly Parton continues to look for different collaborations musically. But she can definitely hold her own as a single artist, too.