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Dolly Parton Reveals Sylvester Stallone Once Helped Her Lose Weight

Dolly Parton Reveals Sylvester Stallone Once Helped Her Lose Weight

Dolly Parton credits her commitment to fitness to Sylvester Stallone, who served as an inspiration during a period of self-doubt. In a recent interview with Saga Exceptional, Parton reminisced about receiving advice from her co-star Stallone. The duo shared leading roles in the film Rhinestone, released in June 1984, and were both celebrated with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that very month.

“I had lost a lot of confidence because I had also gained weight and any time you don’t look good, you don’t feel as good about yourself,” Parton told the outlet. “So, I finally said, ‘Get off your fat ass and do something about it!’”

In the interview, Parton shared that Stallone had encouraged her to remove unhealthy foods from her diet. “And he’d tell me, ‘You’ve got to stop eating white bread and processed stuff,’ and I’d say, ‘But I’m a country girl!’” Parton recalled. “I still eat those things, just not as often as I used to.”

Parton then admitted that she works out “just enough to get by.” Though she doesn’t exercise in high heels, she does own “some high-heeled sneakers.”

‘Rhinestone’ was a Flop for Sylvester Stallone, but Dolly Parton Still Came Out on Top

Of course, Rhinestone went on to be an infamous disaster, so it’s good that Parton gleaned something positive from Stallone. Upon its release in the summer of 1984, Rhinestone received scathing reviews from critics and failed to make an impact at the box office. The film garnered eight Golden Raspberry Award nominations, ultimately earning Stallone his first Worst Actor trophy from the organization.

Currently holding a meager 20% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Rhinestone stands as a testament to the challenges Stallone faced during that time. To compound matters, reports suggest that he turned down the opportunity to star in the blockbuster hit Romancing the Stone in favor of Rhinestone.

However, the film did score wins for Dolly Parton. It resulted in two Top 10 country singles for her: “Tennessee Homesick Blues” and “God Won’t Get You.”

Over the years, the singer and songwriter has openly shared her views on diet and body positivity. Back in 2018, she detailed her diet with People. Dolly Parton’s weekend meal plan might raise Sylvester Stallone’s eyebrows.

She shared that she follows a “low-carb diet” on weekdays, but indulges in her favorite Southern meals on weekends. “I’ll make gravy and biscuits and fried sausage or fried spam. My husband loves my cooking, so I cook for him,” she admitted.