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Dolly Parton Recalls Teasing Kenny Rogers Over Plastic Surgery

Dolly Parton Recalls Teasing Kenny Rogers Over Plastic Surgery

Nearly four years after her good friend Kenny Rogers passed away, Dolly Parton recalls making fun of the late musician over him having plastic surgery done. 

While making an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Parton reflected on one of the last times he saw Rogers, which was when she joked with him about having some plastic surgery work done. “I told him, I said, ‘Kenny. I’m glad I got to live long enough to see you grow into your facelift.” 

Dolly Parton noted that Rogers thought her remark was the funniest thing. “But he did, you know, as he got older… his skin started to loosen, and he looked more natural. But it’s always a risk…”

Parton also chatted about the work her plastic surgeon has done over the years. “Every time I go in for anything, I think, ‘Lord, please … let this all work out fine.”

Dolly Parton pointed out that she made her longtime friend feel better about having the procedures done. “It’s especially harder for me,” she explained. “Because you can’t wear the makeup and all the different eyelashes and stuff.”

Dolly Parton Cautions Others of Having Any Plastic Surgery Done 

Meanwhile, Dolly Parton spoke about the pros and cons of having plastic surgery done. She noted that before anyone goes under the knife they need the best surgeons around. 

“You just never know how you’re gonna heal,” she said. “You never know what’s gonna go, so you absolutely need to find the best doctors. The most talked about doctors or the ones highly recommended.”

Dolly further explained that if the wrong surgeon is picked, there are consequences. “If you’re gonna do anything to – about your face, you can cover up stuff if somebody screws up things on your body,” she shared. “But boy, if you live with your face out there, you gotta be careful.”

Parton went on to state that she tries to do little “bits” at a time. “I don’t like really big stuff.” 

For her own procedures, Parton disclosed that she sticks to only fillers and Botox. This is only when she really needs it. “And even then, I try to be careful,” she continued. The country music icon went on to add that the most difficult part of plastic surgery is how someone’s body responds.

“It can change your expressions,” she added. “Even if the surgery itself is good, it changes your personality. It can. Just find the best doctors.”