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Dolly Parton Photo With Cowboys Cheerleaders Reveals Her in Yet Another New Outfit

Dolly Parton Photo With Cowboys Cheerleaders Reveals Her in Yet Another New Outfit

Dolly Parton is having a Thanksgiving weekend to remember as she goes kind of cosplay with her different outfits. Well, on Thanksgiving Day, she popped up on stage at halftime of the Dallas Cowboys-Washington Commanders NFL game.

Fans who tuned into the CBS telecast saw Parton wearing an iconic Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit. For a woman who is 77 years old, she did a pretty good job in her performance. Parton sang two of her older classic hits, Jolene and 9 to 5. Meanwhile, she also delivered a couple of tunes from her recent rock music album. Parton performed Queen’s We Are The Champions and We Will Rock You. It’s OK, Dolly. We forgive you for getting the two songs out of order.

Meanwhile, Parton apparently has been busy posing for photos with some of the important staff members of the Cowboys. In a photo shared by Billy the Kid, who is the official god-dog to Parton, we see her in yet another new outfit. Talk about costume changes! She’s going through them a lot right here.

Dolly Parton Rocked Halftime Show

Who knows? Dolly might show up at another Dallas game and find herself out on the field. Yeah, imagine seeing Dolly dance with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Well, in Dolly’s world, anything is possible.

Her performance on Thursday did have those famous cheerleaders out on the field. They “backed up” Parton with their dancing skills.

Thanksgiving Day halftime shows do come under a lot of scrutiny. People sit at home, eating themselves into a coma, and watching NFL football games. When all is said and done, most fans will give Parton the edge over rapper Jack Harlow in Detroit and Steve Aoki in Seattle. But NBC didn’t give Aoki a fair shake as the network briefly showed his halftime show.

This also marked the first time that Dolly Parton had done a Thanksgiving Day halftime show. As her portion of the halftime opened up, in a film clip, Parton encouraged people to give and make a donation through The Salvation Army. For a number of years, the Cowboys and Salvation Army have worked together.

Parton’s musical selections on Thursday paid homage to her past and present efforts. It looked like Parton totally lit up AT&T Stadium with her look and performance. Fans were definitely into seeing the 77-year-old Parton perform and bring smiles to peoples’ faces.

With a newfound alliance with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, should Dolly Parton consider doing a regular concert there? It definitely could fill up the stadium’s seats.

Oh, by the way, the Cowboys took care of business on Thursday. Quarterback Dak Prescott threw four touchdown passes en route to a 45-10 Dallas win over Washington.