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Dolly Parton Fulfills Fans Dying Wish With Touching Phone Call

Dolly Parton Fulfills Fans Dying Wish With Touching Phone Call

Dolly Parton is one of the most successful stars in the music world, but even she took time out of her day to meet a special fan’s wish. LeGrand Gold, who lives in Utah, recently was sent home from the hospital. He’s been battling Stage 4 colorectal cancer for two years. Now, after chemotherapy and radiation treatments, doctors have told Gold that there’s nothing else they can do.

Parton, 77, managed to get Gold’s phone number and gave him a call. On Gold’s bucket list was a chance to see Parton in concert and sing a song to him. It didn’t happen at a concert, but the singing did commence.

“I’m just happy to know I’ve got a fan that devoted and that I’ve had a chance to walk that journey all these years,” she stated. “I heard you’ve been a fan of mine for many years, and I just want to thank you for that.

“I’m just happy that we got to kind of have our journey together in this lifetime,” Parton said. “I always want to make people happy with my music and with the things I do and the things I say, and I’m just happy to know that I’ve touched your life in some way. So thank you for honoring me with that.”

Her tender words left a smile on Gold’s face. He lay back in his bed while talking to Parton.

Dolly Parton Brings Gold-en Moment To One Of Her Fans

As they finished up their conversation, Parton sang, “I will always love you, I always love LG.”

Gold shared his excitement over the call with Salt Lake City television station KSL. “She sang me a song, put my name in the song,” Gold said. “I feel like I’m immortal now.”

Parton’s career has never been stronger than it is right now. Her latest album, Rockstar, has soared to the top of the Billboard charts. While she’s done some covers of rock music, Parton remains committed to her first love in country music.

Fans also can flock to Dollywood during vacation times. The park will have a new exhibit up and running very soon. It’s called the Dolly Parton Experience. Features include highlights from Parton’s career and a new museum experience for fans to go through.

One thing that fans will not get in 2024 is a new Dolly Parton tour. She has given up living life on the road so she could spend more time at home with her husband, Carl Dean. Yet she’s not giving up on her music career at all. Parton stays busy in that way. She’s known to get up every day and, without fail, write down lyrics for a song. Whether she records it that day or not all depends on her schedule.

Still, the fact that after all these years she’s still writing songs is pretty cool.

Parton was pretty cool to make one of her fan days and dreams come true. She continues to amaze people through her philanthropic ways and commitment to music. Fans are still waiting to see what Parton will do next in the studio. In the meantime, you can spin your Dolly records and enjoy all of her great music.