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Dolly Parton Fans in Disbelief After Her Stunning Halftime Show at 77

Dolly Parton Fans in Disbelief After Her Stunning Halftime Show at 77

Watching Dolly Parton perform on Thursday at the Dallas Cowboys-Washington Commanders game left some fans in disbelief. No, it wasn’t a disbelief that Parton could not sing anymore (because she clearly can!).

Mainly, they were just shocked (in a good way) to see Parton come out on stage in a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader outfit. As one person on Twitter puts it below, they compare Parton at 77 to themselves at half Parton’s age.

The ageless Parton put on a tight, solid halftime show at the NFL game held at AT&T Stadium. She opened up with her classics Jolene and 9 to 5. Then she took a couple of cuts off of her Rockstar album with We Are The Champions and We Will Rock You from Queen.

Her set was limited in time due to those halftime constraints. Yet Parton was backed by a solid band. In addition, the field below her stage was filled with Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Parton’s stage was well lit and she herself moved back and forth from edge to edge. There were moments when she appeared to grab a portion of the set when turning around to look toward the crowd.

Still, fans just enjoyed seeing Parton perform before the sold-out house.

Dolly Parton Hype Machine Worked For CBS

CBS did a good job of making sure viewers knew Parton was coming up at halftime. Some banter between broadcasters Jim Nantz and Tony Romo, a former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, provided some humor.

For years, the Cowboys have hosted a Thanksgiving game and have been known to put on great halftime shows. At times, the team has involved some established musical groups to perform. Other times, they’ve had young bands or artists who are popular take the stage.

With Parton, though, it was all professionalism all the way. She’s been able to snag fans from her beloved country music roots over to pop music. Parton also has been very active in the philanthropic world. It’s part of her belief to give back to those in need.

What might have caused some of her fans to have a sense of disbelief around Parton’s performance was that outfit. It might have been the first time Parton showed off her midriff (although it was actually covered). Yet the sheer look, sound, and imagery from Parton’s show will not be forgotten for a long time to come.

Whoever performs next Thanksgiving Day in Big D will have a Texas-sized performance to overcome.

Now, the question might be if Parton will wear that outfit again, or was this just a one-off situation? Either way, Dolly showed a sense of bravery when it came to her Thanksgiving outfit.