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Does Sarah Chalke Have a Husband? All About the ‘Scrubs’ Star’s Love Life

Does Sarah Chalke Have a Husband? All About the ‘Scrubs’ Star’s Love Life

Sarah Chalke has been involved in a lengthy relationship with a long-term engagement. But she now finds herself single again. C

Chalke, one of the stars of the sitcom Scrubs, made some news with Canadian lawyer Jamie Afifi. The couple had been engaged to be married since 2006. But Chalke and Afifi are no longer together.

While they were together, Chalke and Afifi had two children: Charlie, 12, and Frances, 6. Representatives for both people say they are committed to being partners and parents. One of these reps talked with People and said the couple “separated some time ago” back in 2022.

“They remain committed to being devoted co-parents and good friends,” the rep said.

Before dating Afifi, Chalke reportedly had been in relationships with Zach Braff, Will Forte, Chad Willet, and Devon Sawa.

Sarah Chalke Didn’t Expect To Be ‘Boy Mom’

When it comes to being a parent, Sarah Chalke said in 2017 that she didn’t expect to be a “boy mom.” “When I initially found out I was pregnant the first time, I just assumed it was going to be a girl because I come from all girls,” Chalke told People. “I was thinking, like, ‘A boy? What do you do with a boy? I don’t know how to do that.’”

At this time, Chalke is not dating anyone but is dealing with her children.

Of course, television viewers were first introduced to Chalke on Roseanne. She popped up on there to replace Lecy Goranson, who left in 1993. Chalke even took over the Becky role after Goranson left the show for a second time. In between these moments, she appeared as a different character on Roseanne. When that show was canceled and replaced by The Conners, Chalke showed up in a guest-starring role (not as a Conner, though).

Other shows where Chalke has been a star include Rick and Morty, Firefly Lane, How I Met Your Mother, and Cougar Town. She’s one of the voices on the Netflix animation series, Dogs in Space.

Speaking of Firefly Lane, co-stars Chalke and Katherine Heigl, talked about wrapping up their time together for two seasons. Chalke, in talking with The Nerds of Color, shared her experience on the show. Heigl played Tully, while Chalke starred as Kate.

Actress Happy To Work With Heigl on ‘Firefly Lane’

“In terms of acting, I just feel lucky to have been part of this job,” Chalke said. “It’s so rare and unique to get to be part of a story that you love and that you believe in and that also, at the same time, challenges you and stretches you — we got to do drama and comedy and play ourselves at 20 and at 40. Every day, there was something that was like a little hard, fun, interesting, different, or something you had never done before. And so, that piece of it was kind of really lucky.”

Heigel shared her thoughts about the final show in the series. “Yeah, I think just what Sarah’s saying, the takeaway for me from this was, it was such a beautiful reminder of what really matters in life and what really makes life feel purposeful and important,” Heigl said. “And it’s not necessarily your ambition or your career.”

Chalke will be on the lookout for her next project. For now, though, she is choosing to remain single and focus on being a parent.