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Does Maureen McCormick Have Any Kids? All About the ‘Brady Bunch’ Star’s Family

Does Maureen McCormick Have Any Kids? All About the ‘Brady Bunch’ Star’s Family

Maureen McCormick is known worldwide as Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch but she also spends time taking care of her kids. Well, McCormick has one child with her husband Michael Cummings. Her name is Natalie Michelle Cummings and she’s 34 years old.

While she was growing up, Natalie’s parents did their best to keep her out of the limelight. But she chose to also become an actress. She has appeared in shows like Redneck Island and La La’s Full Court Life. Natalie also is a yoga trainer, so she spends time taking care of her mind, body, and spirit. There’s not a whole lot of information available about Natalie. She’s pretty focused, though, about her life as a Yogi.

So, Maureen McCormick and Cummings had Natalie as their only child. Yet McCormick does stay busy as she’s a conservator for her brother Denny. He has some disabilities and requires special care. Maureen’s other brothers are Kevin and Michael.

Maureen McCormick Has Been Married Since 1985

Of course, family is an important part of her life. She and Cummings have been married since 1985, and remain so to this day. Yet people attach McCormick’s name to The Brady Bunch, which was on ABC from 1969 through 1974. The show developed quite a following among young viewers and their parents. Each episode highlighted some issue or moment in a family member’s life.

For his part, Cummings also has an acting background to his name. Among the productions he appeared in include Drop-Out Father, Miracle on Ice, The Family Tree, and Desperate Lives, according to IMDb. Cummings also tackled some stage productions in the early 1980s. In 1989, though, he moved into the world of corporate sales.

There has been some buzz that Cummings and McCormick are looking to work together on a project. But nothing concrete has been established at this time.

Michael and Maureen are extremely proud of what their daughter has accomplished. So, we’ll have to wait and see what new projects she will find herself being a part of this year.

And McCormick has been quite open and forthright about her past drug addiction issues. She’s been clean and sober for several years. McCormick received a lot of love and support from her mother and father. Also, cast members of The Brady Bunch reached out to check in with her.

Actress Finds Another ‘Family’ In Recovery

One thing McCormick learned about herself in recovery is the importance of being around others. And those “others” hopefully are working a program of healing and hope. These people form an extended “family” far beyond a birth family. Her mother and father did their best to help their daughter stay sober.

McCormick also had to battle depression while juggling medications. In the depths of her addiction, pills played a major part in keeping her checked out. This time, though, McCormick worked closely with her physician to find a plan of action that would help her.

Nowadays, McCormick takes care of herself while being fully supported by Cummings and her daughter. She’s active on social media, where she occasionally posts pictures of Denny along with sending well-wishes to other celebrities.