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Dick Van Dyke Makes Rare Public Appearance Attending Exhibit Honoring His Life

Dick Van Dyke Makes Rare Public Appearance Attending Exhibit Honoring His Life

On Sunday, actor Dick Van Dyke popped out in public so he could support an exhibit which recognized his entire life. Van Dyke, 97, was out and about for Dick Van Dyke – Moments in Time. The photo exhibit comes from photographer Laura Johansen. Van Dyke showed up with his wife, Arlene Silver. Right now, the exhibit is at the Malibu City Hall.

Van Dyke, according to People, happened to be photographed in dark cargo-style pants and a tweed jacket. He appeared to be in good spirits throughout the one-hour Q&A and while leaving the venue.

The event’s website states that Van Dyke met Johansen in 2015. That’s when she took some photos of him and his family at a fan art exhibit. Van Dyke then asked the visual artist to become his “personal photographer.”

Dick Van Dyke Gets Ready for CBS Special

“Laura Johansen’s photographs are pure artwork, almost like paintings,” Van Dyke said. Silver, who spoke on stage with her husband on Sunday to a packed crowd, noted that she was a “master of shadow and light.”

On Dec. 21, CBS will showcase Van Dyke’s career in a show tribute titled Dick Van Dyke: 98 Years of Magic on CBS.

Now, this special will have music and dance performances and special guests. It also will have a festive holiday number to honor the Mary Poppins star. Van Dyke officially turns 98 on Dec. 13.

“I started with CBS under contract in 1955 with the CBS morning show, then The Dick Van Dyke Show and Diagnosis Murder,” Van Dyke said in a statement. “I’ve been with the CBS family for almost 70 years, and I couldn’t be prouder.

“I’m incredibly honored that CBS will be throwing a 98th birthday special for me,” the four-time Emmy Award winner added. “Can’t wait to be part of the show!”

While Van Dyke’s career still thrives, he told PEOPLE back in February that he actually cannot bear to watch himself on TV. He typically avoids reruns of his hit series like The Dick Van Dyke Show and The New Dick Van Dyke Show.

Actor Does Not Like Watching Himself In Reruns

“When we made those, [there] were three commercials in a half an hour. Now there’s about six commercials in a half an hour. So our old show is just cut to pieces,” he shared ahead of his appearance on The Masked Singer. “I can’t bear a look at it.”

But when Van Dyke does see his work, however, “he’ll talk about himself as if he’s another person,” Silver said. “When he’s watching The Dick Van Dyke Show, he’ll talk about it like, ‘Look at him doing whatever.’”

Van Dyke also expressed to PEOPLE that he would like to return to the stage. “I would like to go back and do a play,” he said. “I’ve got enough material together to sit down to a one-man show, which I think I may do just for fun. I love to do that.”

In 2021, Van Dyke told Today that he doesn’t see himself slowing down anytime soon. He said, “I don’t think I’ll ever retire, unless they made me. It’s too much fun! It’s such a good life.”