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Dick Van Dyke’s Response to Upcoming CBS Special About Iconic Career Is Adorable

Dick Van Dyke’s Response to Upcoming CBS Special About Iconic Career Is Adorable

Following the news that CBS is airing the Dick Van Dyke 98 Years of Magic, the Mary Poppins star responds to the upcoming special in the most adorable way. 

According to Parade, Van Dyke issued a statement about how delighted he is about the new special. “I started with CBS under contract in 1955 with the CBS morning show,” he explained. “Then The Dick Van Dyke Show and Diagnosis Murder. I’ve been with the CBS family for almost 70 years, and I couldn’t be prouder.” 

Van Dyke further stated that he is incredibly honored that CBS will be throwing a 98th birthday special for him. “Can’t wait to be part of the show!” 

The media outlet noted that the special, which will air exactly one week after the actor’s 98th birthday, Will take place on the set of The Dick Van Dyke Show. It will feature musical performances as well as special guests and a holiday number. It will air on CBS and stream live and on-demand through Paramout+ on Dec. 21. It was also reported that the upcoming special is being produced by Van Dyke and his wife Arlene Silver. 

Dick Van Dyke Once Said He Doesn’t Think He’ll Ever Retire As He Nears His 100th Birthday 

Although he is nearing that 100th birthday milestone, Dick Van Dyke once said that while he’s getting up there, age-wise, he does not see himself slowing down anytime soon. 

During a 2021 interview with Today, Van Dyke told Al Roker, “I don’t think I’ll ever retire, unless they made me. It’s too much fun! It’s such a good life.” 

Earlier this year, Van Dyke spoke to Yahoo! Entertainment about being the oldest contestant on The Masked Singer. He also shared what his secret is for staying youthful. 

“Genes, I guess,” he declared. “Having a beautiful young wife half my age to take care of me [Arlene Silver, age 51, who Van Dyke married in 2012] — that works! My positive attitude, I get that from my wife.”

Dick Van Dyke added that the does still go to the gym three days a week and continues his workouts consistently. “And I advise everybody to do that, because that’s what ages people — it’s just a stiffening up and not exercising their muscles and their lungs. Exercise is the answer.”

However, following that interview, Van Dyke was involved in a car accident in Malibu. According to TMZ, the actor told authorities that his vehicle, a 2019 Lexus LS 500, had slid and he lost control before slamming into a nearby gate. Thankfully he wasn’t significantly hurt and told reporters days later that he just ended up needing two stitches. “But other than that, it just made me a little dumber.”