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Dave Chappelle Recalls Bizarre Introduction to Jim Carrey on ‘Man on the Moon’ Set

Dave Chappelle Recalls Bizarre Introduction to Jim Carrey on ‘Man on the Moon’ Set

In his new comedy special, Dave Chappelle opened up about meeting Jim Carrey when he was in full character for the film Man on the Moon. For the 1999 film, Carrey famously lived day and night as the movie’s subject, eccentric comedian Andy Kaufman. However, Chappelle didn’t know about the extreme method acting at the time.

In his latest comedy special, The Dreamer, Dave Chappelle shared the story about meeting his idol, Jim Carrey. Chappelle, a self-proclaimed “biggest Jim Carrey fan in the world,” was introduced to Carrey by the late comedian Norm MacDonald on the set of a film. What made this encounter even more memorable was that Carrey remained in character as comedian Andy Kaufman both on and off camera during the film’s production.

“I didn’t know any of that,” Chappelle proclaimed in the special. “I just walked in there to meet him. When he walked into the room where we were supposed to meet, I screamed, ‘Jim Carrey!’”

Chappelle revealed that the film crew instructed him to address Carrey as “Andy”. It was an order that the comedian admitted left him scratching his head. “And then he came over and he was acting weird,” Chappelle added. “I didn’t know he was acting like Andy Kaufman.”

Dave Chappelle Was Bemused By Jim Carrey’s Request to Be Called ‘Andy’

The comedian amusingly fulfilled the requests, referring to Carrey as his on-screen alter ego. Yet, he couldn’t hide his “disappointment” as he secretly wished to meet the real Jim Carrey. “I had to pretend this [guy] was Andy Kaufman all afternoon,” an exasperated Chappelle said to the audience. “He was clearly Jim Carrey. I could look at him and I could see he was Jim Carrey.”

Despite Dave Chappelle’s frustration at not getting to meet the “real” Jim Carrey, the actor’s dedication paid off. Carrey ended up winning a Golden Globe for his performance in Man on the Moon. A documentary film was released in 2017 called Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond. It details Carrey’s extreme measures to play the role.

Chappelle’s latest routine was released after an incident in Florida last week. During the performance, the actor from Robinhood: Men in Tights abruptly left the stage due to a member of the audience using a cell phone.

As reported by the Miami Herald, the comedian took a moment to notify the venue’s security team. He then proceeded to address the audience, expressing his disappointment before leaving the stage, and shaking his head. According to reports, the website of Hard Rock Live mentioned that the performance was to be “device and electronics free” as requested by the artist.