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Daughter of Comedian Lou Costello Reveals What He Was Like At Home

Daughter of Comedian Lou Costello Reveals What He Was Like At Home

Although he was best known as known for his comedic work alongside Bud Abbott, Lou Costello’s daughter Chris just knew him as a “very quiet,” loving father. 

During a recent interview with Closer, Lou Costello’s daughter Chris revealed that Lou Costello didn’t bring his acting persona home with him. “He wasn’t the character. He left him at the studio after a busy day,” she explained. The late comedian’s daughter pointed out that he also didn’t always want to be a center of center of attention while at home. “You can’t be on 24/7. He was actually very quiet.”

She also noted that her father was a real family man and was very close to his mother. “My dad was your typical Italian Catholic. He was especially doting toward his mother.”

While she loves her father being remembered as a great comedian, Lou Costello’s daughter also wants him to be remembered as a humanitarian, who helped others. She recalled one time her father heard a little girl begging her mother for a rather expensive doll at a store during the holiday season. He didn’t hesitate to purchase the doll for the little girl. “He said ‘Wrap that up for that little girl and tell her it’s from Santa Claus.”

Chris then noted that Costello believed that money was there to help others.  

Lou Costello & The Comedian’s Rise to Fame

Lou Costello began his career in the late 1920s, with work at a burlesque as a Dutch comic. During the Great Depression, he met Abbott in New York City, and officially started working together in 1936. Among the duo’s well-known films are Who Done It? Hold That Ghost, and Abbott and Costello Meet The Invisible Man. Although they were successful, by the late-1950s, they went their separate ways.

Prior to his comedic career success, Lou Costello married Anne Battler. They had four children together, including Chris. Not long after completing The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock, Costello suffered from a heart attack and died just days before his 53rd birthday. 

Chris previously told Fox News that her father and Abbott went out of their way to support the servicemen during World War II. “It started as letters and gradually into emails from people who either had a relative that served and met my dad, or serviceman who recalled running him,” she said in 2021. 

The media outlet pointed out that Abbott and Costello parodied life in the armed services to help ease the tension that the war was causing both at home and abroad. “My father was very, very patriotic,” Chris added. “He was a proud patriot. Both my father and Bud loved this country. They wanted to help Uncle Sam and give back. He would do anything for this country.”