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Courteney Cox Celebrates Jennifer Aniston’s 55th Birthday With Classic ‘Friends’ Clip

Courteney Cox Celebrates Jennifer Aniston’s 55th Birthday With Classic ‘Friends’ Clip

Well, these two Friends have stayed close over the years with Courteney Cox wishing all the best to Jennifer Aniston. Cox headed over to her Instagram page, where she left a couple of photos showing them together. Aniston turned 55 and her good friend popped up a clip of them in an episode titled The One Where Heckles Dies.

“Not sure why this is one of my favorite clips… I guess it’s because nobody else in the world could make this line sound so cute,” Cox wrote. “Happy Birthday my sweet Jenny Louise. Also don’t know why I call her that…but I sure do love you.”

In this Friends episode, Monica, played by Courteney Cox, and Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston, bicker about adding a seashell lamp to their apartment’s decor. Monica does not like it. Well, Monica ends up accidentally breaking it. Rachel, though, is convinced it was very much intentional. In the clip, fans also get a quick view of Matthew Perry.

Jennifer Aniston Popped Up In Super Bowl

Both actresses have been focusing on their careers in the years since Friends left the airwaves. Aniston ran across another costar from their NBC sitcom during Sunday’s Super Bowl LVIII coverage on CBS. Entertainment Weekly reports that Aniston and David Schwimmer, who played Ross, appeared in an Uber Eats commercial.

In it, both stars happen to bump into one another. And this ad borrows from Uber Eats’ slogan that states: “Whatever you forget, just remember Uber Eats gets almost anything.” So, Aniston and Schwimmer are on a studio backlot. They happen to bump into each other. Aniston, though, cannot remember Schwimmer at all.

“Have we met?” she asks. “We worked together for 10 years,” Schwimmer said. Others in the Uber Eats ad include David and Victoria Beckham and rapper Jelly Roll. They, too, have moments of amnesia in the commercial.

As for Aniston on her own Instagram page, she posted a collage of videos and pictures. They reflect different times and ages in her own life’s journey. Aniston also posted a rather lengthy poem titled “The Layers” from Stanley Kunitz.

While Aniston receives lots of good wishes and Happy Birthday platitudes, she and her fellow castmates have moved on in life. Recently, they came together as a group when Perry died last year. Both as a group and individually, Aniston, Cox, Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, and Matt LeBlanc all put out statements reflecting on their friendships.

Could Aniston Be Part of A New Sitcom?

Aniston has pretty much shied away from sitcom work since Friends ended. Last year, though, might have kickstarted some ideas rattling around in her head. One of them involves rebooting a classic TV sitcom from the 1970s and 1980s.

Last March, Jennifer Aniston and Adan Sandler showed up for a visit on The Drew Barrymore Show. While the idea of doing something else was bandied about, Barrymore blurted out what she was thinking. She’d love to do an updated version of Three’s Company, the iconic ABC sitcom that starred Joyce DeWitt, John Ritter, and Suzanne Somers.

Aniston commented that this sitcom idea does not have to be an exact copy. What she viewed as a possibility is to do a show “in the spirit” of the old one. We think that would be a great idea if Sandler would commit to doing this on TV. Sandler has been making movies in recent years since his time on Saturday Night Live ended, ComicBook stated.

Barrymore has kept on working within her daytime talk show. She’s gained a lot more viewers with segments involving co-host Ross Matthews and interviews with guests. Aniston does not do too many talk shows these days, but I believe there is room to make an updated version of Three’s Company. In addition, putting these three on camera and in charge of a new show could be sitcom gold.