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Clint Walker’s Spouse, Susan Cavallari: All About the Western Star’s Final Wife

Clint Walker’s Spouse, Susan Cavallari: All About the Western Star’s Final Wife

Clint Walker was a big-time TV star thanks to the Western series Cheyenne and his last spouse Susan Cavallari was at his side. Cavallari happened to have been Walker’s third wife. They married in March 1998 and it lasted until Walker died in 2018.

Clint Walker’s spouse, Susan Cavallari, has been overseeing his wealth since his passing, according to Briefly. But she is pretty reclusive and shies away from being out in public. Cavallari is not one to get in front of cameras and chat it up. No one knows where she is living at this time.

In addition, there is no information about Cavallari’s career and/or job history. We do know that she’s going to be 94 years old this year. So may assume (which is dangerous) that she is retired. She was born in 1930 and is a native of New York City.

Clint Walker’s Spouse Susan Cavallari Keeps a Low Profile

Good luck if you are looking for photos of Susan Cavallari. They are few and far between. But there is at least one picture out there of Clint Walker and his final spouse standing together in a room. They might have been appearing at an autograph session for Walker.

For fans of old-school Western TV, you probably have seen Walker on his TV show Cheyenne. The show ran for seven seasons and made him a household name. Walker was known for his rugged, outdoorsman-like look as his fans watched him appear in movies, too.

Before Cheyenne hit the small screen, Clint Walker earned small roles in The Ten Commandments and Jungle Gents. Those roles turned into him nabbing his Cheyenne role. That TV character played a pivotal role in Clint Walker’s net worth, which reportedly was at $2 million when he died, leaving it to his spouse, Susan Cavallari.

Clint Walker Gets Push From Big Star

How did Walker, though, get his start in acting? According to lore, Walker was a deputy sheriff in Las Vegas. That’s where he ran into actor Van Johnson, who was a big star at that time. Johnson suggested Walker head on over to Hollywood and see about getting into movies.

“I had always thought acting was a silly way to make a living,” Walker said in a 1963 interview from the Major Smolinksi Starstruck website. “But the money part of it interested me.”

According to TCM, Walker decided to take a trip into humor with Send Me No Flowers in 1964. If you were a regular viewer of 77 Sunset Strip, then you saw Walker on there. Walker was included in the powerful war drama The Dirty Dozen, playing convict Samson Posey.

Later on, Walker starred in another TV series titled Kodiak. He played Alaska State Trooper Cal “Kodiak” McKay. But this one only lasted 13 episodes before it was dropped by ABC. In a little trivia note, Kodiak took over the Friday night timeslot once held by The Brady Bunch. But that show was canceled, leading to Kodiak taking over in the 1974-75 television season.

After that show was over, Walker had a starring role in Killdozer, which is a science fiction movie. He appeared in a few other roles before retiring in 1998. Clint Walker died in 2018 at 90 years old and was survived by his spouse, Susan Cavallari, and his daughter, Valerie.