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Clint Eastwood Still ‘Badass’ and ‘Cracking Jokes’ on Set at 93, Actor Reveals

Clint Eastwood Still ‘Badass’ and ‘Cracking Jokes’ on Set at 93, Actor Reveals

For Clint Eastwood, it appears that age is simply just a number and this director isn’t slowing down one bit at all. How do we know this? Actor Chris Messina is dropping the info about Eastwood. He’s spent time working on Eastwood’s latest film Juror No. 2. Oh yeah, Messina also works with a dynamite cast, too. But what’s the deal with Eastwood at this time in his life?

“You think you’re going to get some tough guy and he is completely gentle and calm and fun and cracking jokes, and a lot of the crew members — [for example], the craft services woman has been with him for 22 years,” Messina said, according to People.

Chris Messina Said That Clint Eastwood ‘Was Awesome’

“He was awesome. I really loved him. 93 years old and completely with it, great notes, up on his feet behind the camera — just a badass,” Messina said. “It was super inspiring. And to go from something like Air with Ben and that incredible crew — I get to look into Viola Davis’ eyes and Matt Damon’s eyes and Jason Bateman’s, and then I go to Clint Eastwood’s [set] and look into Toni Collette’s eyes and J.K. Simmons and Nicholas Hoult.”

While working on Juror No. 2, Messina also is working on Air with Ben Affleck and Damon. For Juror No. 2, besides Messina, other actors involved include Nicholas Hoult, Toni Collette, Gabriel Basso, Zoey Deutch, Leslie Bigg, and Kiefer Sutherland. Those cast members come from a report by The Hollywood Report.

Eastwood has been a steady worker for years. But he had to shut down work during the SAG-AFTRA strike. Once that got settled, it was back to work for him and the movie’s cast.

Actor Feels ‘Very Lucky’ With Run of Films

Messina has been building up quite a track record for himself. The actor starred in The Boogeyman this year, along with Dreamin’ Wild, and Based on a True Story. That last series, which aired on Peacock, also starred Kaley Cuoco. Messina returns to the movie screen in I.S.S. next with Ariana DeBose. I.S.S. is a space-related thriller.

“I feel very lucky,” he tells PEOPLE. “I’ve had a very beautiful run and I know how many talented actors there are out there that struggle, just struggle to find work, struggle to find an agent, struggle to be seen or heard, so I feel very grateful that for whatever reason I’ve been allowed to work in this business.”