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Clint Eastwood Rocks New Beard in Face Transformation

Clint Eastwood Rocks New Beard in Face Transformation

Just when you think Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood couldn’t get any grittier, he goes off and grows an epic beard. The Daily Mail posted an image of the veteran actor and filmmaker on Twitter sporting the new facial whiskers.

According to the outlet, the photograph was captured during the filming of a scene for the courtroom thriller Juror No. 2 in Savannah, Georgia. Eastwood, who is 93 years old, was reportedly directing star Nicholas Hoult in the scene.

There’s Speculation that ‘Juror No. 2’ is Clint Eastwood’s Last Film

The project has been referred to as the moviemaker’s ‘final film,’ with media outlets characterizing it as an endeavor to discover one last film to gracefully exit the stage. However, neither Eastwood nor Juror No. 2‘s studio, Warner Bros., have confirmed any plans of retirement upon its completion.

In June, Eastwood was spotted on set with Hoult, shortly before the writer’s strike began. Unfortunately, their work had to be halted due to the recently ended actor’s strike. During that time, photographs taken at Savannah station WSAV captured the director sporting his usual clean-shaven appearance. However, on Tuesday, while filming, he surprised everyone with an impressive thick white beard.

Clint Eastwood was spotted engaging in conversation with members of his film crew, donning a casual black windbreaker paired with charcoal trousers. He opted for a pair of black Hoka trainers. The iconic star of Unforgiven sported headphones over his shaggy white locks, complemented by the full and majestic white beard.

Joining Eastwood on set was his lead actor, Nicholas Hoult. Hoult plays a juror in a murder trial who realizes he may be responsible for the victim’s death during a reckless driving incident, rather than the person on trial. Consumed by guilt, he tries to persuade fellow jurors not to convict the defendant while avoiding self-incrimination in the presence of the prosecutor, Toni Collette.

Clint Eastwood Has Sported Beards in the Past

However, some of Eastwood’s most iconic Westerns saw the actor sporting beards. Clint maintains noticeable scruff in his spaghetti Westerns as well as in The Outlaw Josey Wales. Regardless, in recent years he’s opted for a clean-shaven look.

Clint’s mane seemed to have grown while patiently waiting for the resolution of both the writers’ and actors’ strikes, the latter of which ended earlier this month. More importantly, the whiskers provide a layer of warmth as the temperatures drop.