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Clint Eastwood Shares Deep, Mutual Respect for Other Directors

Clint Eastwood Shares Deep, Mutual Respect for Other Directors

Clint Eastwood has developed quite a knack for earning respect when it comes to spending time behind a camera. As a director, Eastwood had brought to the big screen a lot of different stories. It is from these movies that he’s been able to patch together a tapestry of meaningful ones. Yet the directors who helped pave the way for him and others get their true respect from Eastwood.

Eastwood was interviewed back in 2006. He was asked about which directors he truly admired the most. Before answering, though, he took time to set the table. It had to do with the public knowing about who directed the movies.

“In those days it wasn’t as fashionable to know who the director was,” he said. “You knew who was in the picture–Gary Cooper or Ingrid Bergman–and you liked that person so you went to see that movie. You didn’t go because of the director. But later on, you did.”

Italian Directors High On Eastwood’s List

Continuing, he listed some of his all-time favorite filmmakers, according to Far Out Magazine. He exclaimed: “I liked Italian films–[Mario] Monicelli, [Vittorio] De Sica, [Federico] Fellini. I always liked [Akira] Kurosawa. And as I revisit old films now, there are some directors you appreciate more. You look at a picture like [John Ford’s] The Grapes of Wrath and you realize that it’s a small film shot in a relatively short period of time, and yet it has a lot of scope. [William Wellman’s] The Ox-Bow Incident is also an intimate story.”

While all these directors have their special day involving the camera, Eastwood is very diligent in moving forward. He likes to keep things moving on his sets. Actors who work for him have told tales about Eastwood only allowing for one take. That’s all, folks. Just one take and then move on to the next scene. This type of pace usually puts Eastwood ahead of schedule.

Eastwood has been recognized as one of Hollywood’s best directors. Yes, he is getting older and that might be a sign that his time as a director is slowing down.

When he’s in one of his movies, there are times when fans may think he is making his final flick. But there still is a hunger to tell stories and provide entertainment.

It is that type of professional hunger people love to see that. Therefore, Eastewood’s final film will come out next year. It’s titled Juror No. 2 and stars Nicolas Hoult and Toni Collette.