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Chuck Norris: See His Net Worth

Chuck Norris: See His Net Worth

Chuck Norris, the martial arts maestro and action movie legend, boasts a net worth as formidable as his roundhouse kicks. It only makes sense, considering his career has spanned seven decades.

Norris is a martial arts master and champion, who followed Bruce Lee’s path to become a beloved action star. He made his screen debut in 1972’s Way of the Dragon opposite Lee and surprised audiences with box-office hits like Breaker! Breaker! and Good Guys Wear Black in the late 70s.

In the 80s, Norris starred in military action films like 1984’s Missing in Action. He later became a TV legend with the series Walker, Texas Ranger, running from 1993 to 2001. This led to the infamous Chuck Norris facts meme.

Naturally, with an extraordinary resume like Norris’, he’s stacked up some serious wealth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chuck Norris has amassed $70 million.

Chuck Norris’ Net Worth is Stacked with Acting Roles and Endorsements

However, Chuck Norris’ wealth isn’t just from his acting roles. Throughout the 2010s and into the 2020s, Chuck Norris showcased his brand power in advertisements for various companies. From World of Warcraft to T-Mobile, Hoegaarden to United Healthcare, Cerveza Poker to Toyota, and even QuikTrip, Chuck Norris conquered them all!

In 2012, Norris and his wife founded CForce Bottling Co., utilizing their ranch’s aquifer. Chuck Norris also became the ambassador for Fiat in 2017. Plus, his fearless likeness dominates mobile video games like World of Tanks.

Chuck also has some impressive real estate. In 2013, Norris listed his Dallas residence for $1.2 million. This was his home during his time on the show, Walker, Texas Ranger, which he co-owned with his brother, Aaron. The property spans 7,362 square feet with four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a theater, a weight room, and a private lake. There is also a separate building on the premises used as a studio during filming. Chuck Norris and his family reside at Lone Wolf Ranch in Navasota, Texas, overseeing their water bottling company, CForce, on a sprawling 1,000-acre grassland.

Of course, Chuck Norris isn’t resting on his past success. He’s set to appear with Vanilla Ice in the upcoming action comedy Zombie Plane. Norris will also star alongside Derek Ting and Marc Singer in Agent Recon next year. On Instagram, Norris revealed that his son did the fight choreography for the film.

This is a comeback to film roles after a significant absence. Norris was last seen on the small screen in the 2020 season finale of Hawaii Five-0. Meanwhile, his latest appearance on the big screen was in 2012’s Expendables 2.