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‘The Brady Bunch’s Christopher Knight Admits the Classic Sitcom Made Him a ‘Much Better Person’

‘The Brady Bunch’s Christopher Knight Admits the Classic Sitcom Made Him a ‘Much Better Person’

Christopher Knight of The Brady Bunch has had quite an interesting life in and out of the entertainment industry. Knight, who played Peter Brady on the ABC sitcom, recently sat down for an interview. He, in part, talks about growing up on the TV show and has reached some sort of peace with it.

“Oddly, this show has grown in … profile and impact and importance over time,” Knight tells Fox News Digital. “So, looking back at it, it’s bigger than it was when we were living it. So, most of these epiphanies and revelations are not in doing this show but in looking back at it. And mine is that I was in part saved.

“I don’t know how many children from entertainment can say that, in fact, the entertainment industry saved them. It taught me the value of getting along,” he said.

The Brady Bunch, created by Sherwood Schwartz, the man behind Gilligan’s Island, ran for five seasons on ABC. Knight played middle brother Peter on the show, opposite Barry Williams and Mike Lookinland. Florence Henderson and Robert Reed starred. Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, and Susan Olsen made up the three girls on there. Ann B. Davis finishes up the regular cast as Alice the housekeeper.

‘Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Finds Success In Business

Knight has spent time after the show being involved in different businesses. He is developing a level of success as an entrepreneur. But he’s never far away from his Brady Bunch character. In fact, Knight has become OK if people recognize him from the show.

Knight appears on Fox News Digital in support of his new documentary, Trulove: The Film. Podcast fans probably know that Knight and Williams both appear on The Real Brady Bros podcast. On there, they talk about different episodes and offer behind-the-scenes perspectives.

While his attitude about the show is in a good place, he is spending time trying to understand what was going on in his youth. Knight did share during an Oprah Winfrey interview in 2013 that his family was struggling when he was a kid.

Knight Felt Like Mother Rushed Him Into Show Business

From Knight’s standpoint, he says that he felt like his mother rushed him into the world of show business. Why? Because his family struggled to make money even after he was on The Brady Bunch. Knight recognized this pattern going on years after it had happened.

“My family is very educated and nearly homeless, and that’s how I grew up,” he remembers. “My dad, he was unemployed. Literally, his solution early when there wasn’t any money — and there was my brother and me, 13 months apart — he said, ‘Feed them every other day.’ I think that’s when my mom said that she realized there might be a problem.”

Life is much better these days for this Brady Bunch star. And, after everything that he has been through, he’s found meaning and purpose in all his work.