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Chris Farley Once Bought Out a Cinnabon, Started Food Fight at Chicago Airport

Chris Farley Once Bought Out a Cinnabon, Started Food Fight at Chicago Airport

Chris Farley’s cousin is remembering a hilarious Cinnabon-involved incident on what would have been the comic legend’s 60th birthday. The late SNL star’s cousin, Ford executive Jim Farley, mentioned the story on his podcast, Drive with Jim Farley.

The podcast normally focuses on Ford cars and people of note who love them. However, in this most recent episode, Jim Farley took a moment to remember his iconic cousin.

“Chris worked really hard at getting kicked out of any organized event for our family,” Farley quipped to guest Kelly Clarkson. According to him, his comedian cousin has always been a mischievous joker, going to great lengths for pranks, even before achieving fame.

“He started a Cinnabon fight in the Chicago O’Hare Airport,” Jim Farley detailed. “We were trying to get back to Chicago for my grandmother’s funeral. He bought all of the Cinnabons out of the restaurant in O’Hare Airport and then gave them to people and we started a huge food fight.”

“We got kicked out of O’Hare by the police and we missed our connecting flight and we missed our grandmother’s funeral,” Jim added. “We had a great time, but nobody in Madison understood why we had missed her funeral. So we just owned it. We were like, yeah ‘Well we started a food fight at O’Hare and we got into trouble!’”

Chris Farley’s Cinnabon Food Fight Wasn’t the Only Sticky Situation He Found Himself In

Of course, Chris Farley’s Cinnabon incident was one of many hijinks his cousin remembers.

“One time we had a family reunion. I think he had gotten kicked out of college for his fourth time. And he had just lost his job as a swimming guard in Madison, Wisconsin, which is like a two-month job, max. It’s seasonal.”

“He lost that job because he partied all night and slept through it,” Jim Farley recalled. “So we went to a bar, and he stole every picture in the bar and brought them home to our house. The police came the next day because the bar wanted their pictures back.”

“That was Chris. He was always the same guy,” Jim Farley said.

On December 18, 1997, at just 33 years old, Chris Farley tragically passed away from a drug overdose. This happened only two years after his incredible time on Saturday Night Live. However, with just a handful of starring roles in films and his SNL stint, he still left an enduring legacy.