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Chevy Chase: See His Net Worth

Chevy Chase: See His Net Worth

Chevy Chase has been crushing it for six decades on the big and small screen. Naturally, his net worth is as impressive as his comedic chops. During the 1970s, Chase rose to fame as a key member of the original Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast. Known for his physical humor and dry wit, his comedic style has made him a prominent figure in American entertainment.

Chase’s career soared to new heights with SNL, where he lit up the stage and became one of the show’s fan favorites. His recurring role on the “Weekend Update” segment, featuring his iconic catchphrase “I’m Chevy Chase, and you’re not,” set the tone for the show’s comedy and helped propel it to national acclaim.

Following his SNL triumph, Chase effortlessly transitioned to the silver screen, where he crafted a legacy as a comedic maestro. He hilariously graced the screen in 80s hits like Caddyshack, National Lampoon’s Vacation, and its sequels, embodying the endearingly clumsy Clark Griswold. His unforgettable performances in Fletch and its sequel showcased his unparalleled knack for blending physical comedy with a razor-sharp wit, solidifying his status as a comedic leading man.

In more recent years, Chase returned to TV with shows like Community. He’s also started hitting the convention circuit, which is said to be extremely lucrative.

Chevy Chase is laughing all the way to the bank with $50 million, thanks to his numerous iconic hits, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.

How Did Chevy Chase Build His Net Worth? See the Numbers.

In the late 1980s, Chevy was raking in a cool $7 million per movie. Adjusted for today’s standards, that’s like hauling in a whopping $15 million per flick! Talk about some serious funny business. And let’s not forget, that he pocketed at least $7 million each for the iconic films Fletch and Fletch Lives.

Chevy cashed in a jolly $6 million for the holiday hit Christmas Vacation in ’89. That’s a whopping $12.5 million in today’s bucks! He made another $6 million disappear in 1992’s Memoirs of an Invisible Man. He nabbed $4 million for Cops and Robbersons, $2 million for Man of the House, and scored $4 million in Vegas Vacation.

Of course, Chase’s real estate is no laughing matter. From 1990 to 2005, Chevy and his clan resided in the swanky Pacific Palisades hood in LA. The property boasted a lush 5-acre plot. Nestled within a secure, gated community, Chevy splurged a cool $1.2 million on sprucing up the digs. Despite listing it for a cool $3 million in ’94, it wasn’t until 2005 that they finally found a buyer (undisclosed moolah, of course). Nowadays, you’ll mostly catch the couple living it up in upstate New York.