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Chevy Chase, 80, Falls Off Stage at ‘Christmas Vacation’ Event

Chevy Chase, 80, Falls Off Stage at ‘Christmas Vacation’ Event

While known for his pratfalls on Saturday Night Live, Chevy Chase dinged himself up a little with a real-time fall. Chase, 80, was appearing at Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo, New York. He was there to talk about his movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

TMZ aired video footage showing Chase coming onstage in a wheelchair. The crowd applauded his appearance. Chase then got up on his feet and walked to the edge of the stage. That’s where he fell forward and off the stage.

Jayni Chase, his wife, helped get Chevy back to his seat for the conversation, People reports.

Chevy Chase Drops In Area Not Well Lit

“He took a fall at the part of the stage that was not lit well but thanks to all his falls on SNL, it was like riding a bike again,” a representative for Chase said. “Just a little boo-boo. All good.”

“Wait wait, my watch is talking to me,” Chase said to the event’s moderator after taking his seat. He went on to joke, “It says, ‘I see you’ve taken a great fall… taken a hard fall.’” Jayni helped Chevy with his watch. Then she joked, “Otherwise they might send an ambulance.”

Chase did not speak directly about his condition after the appearance on social media. But the comedian did share videos from the vent. There’s one where the moderator says to chase after his fall, “We’re gonna be talking about that one for a while!”

Where will Chase show up next? Well, he is set to be at Christmas Con, which takes place in Edison, N.J. He will be there from Friday through Sunday. Back in June, a formal announcement was made. This marks his first-ever Christmas convention appearance.

Fellow Castmates Will Join Actor At Event

He will be joined by Christmas Vacation costars Beverly D’Angelo (Ellen), Randy Quaid (Cousin Eddie), and Juliette Lewis (Audrey). In National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswald (Chase) faces a mirage of problems and people. All Clark wants is to have a traditional Christmas with his family. But things keep happening, including an errant squirrel causing major problems in the house.

Chase was one of the first breakout stars from SNL to head out and try their hand at movies. He starred in Foul Play with Goldie Hawn in 1978. He would do other movies, like Three Amigos and Fletch. Chase has made periodic appearances in recent years.