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Cher Admits She’s ‘Not Comfortable’ With Details Revealed in Upcoming Memoir

Cher Admits She’s ‘Not Comfortable’ With Details Revealed in Upcoming Memoir

Cher is still planning on releasing her much-anticipated memoir—if she can just “man up” already. 

The legendary songstress has been attempting to write her life story since at least 2017, according to Variety. She’s working on the project with Harper Collins. And in August, she said that she was “almost finished” with the book. 

“We’re so close,” she teased. 

However, while chatting with Jimmy Fallon during Thursday’s installment of The Tonight Show, the Grammy winner admitted that the process has stalled because she’s having a hard time putting some of her stories on paper. 

“I just totally chickened out,” she revealed. “I didn’t put in some things that needed to be in. And they’re not comfortable. But they need to be in, so I have to go back and man up. I’ve lived too long and done too much. And it should be an encyclopedia.”

Fallon empathized with her feelings but said she’s “gotta do it.” 

“It’s beyond therapy,” he added. “It’s tough.”

Cher Released Her First-Ever Christmas Album This Year

The 77-year-old also shared that she hasn’t thought up a title just yet. Fallon offered her some choices with I Got Scoops, Babe, and Over-Cher-Ing. The singer wasn’t impressed, but she was amused. 

It may be a while before we can read all the behind-the-scenes details of Cher’s life. But she has released a new holiday album to help tide us over. The project is simply titled Christmas

Despite being a major star for nearly 60 years, Christmas is Cher’s first-ever holiday record. When Fallon asked why it took so long for her to get a festive project out, she said it was because it just never felt right. 

“Because I couldn’t,” she answered. “This sounds so stupid. Because I couldn’t find myself. I couldn’t see myself in a Christmas album.”

Her record label had been bothering her about getting one out for some time. And she told them that if they “just leave [her] alone,” she’d get something together. So, Cher eventually picked out her favorite songs sung by legendary Yuletide crooners such as Chuck Berry and Stevie Wonder, who actually sang a duet with her for the album. Cher admitted that asking Stevie Wonder to sing with her was a terrifying fan-girl moment. 

“I’m really, really excited because there are millions of people on it,” she added. “And I’ve never had duets. I’ve never had people on any of my records.