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‘Charlie’s Angels’ Jaclyn Smith Poses With Identical Granddaughter

‘Charlie’s Angels’ Jaclyn Smith Poses With Identical Granddaughter

Jaclyn Smith is one proud grandmother here as she shared a photo with her Instagram fans along with two family members. In the back of Smith is her son Gaston Richmond. And what about that sweet bundle of joy Smith is holding? That is none other than her granddaughter, Wren Jaclyn Richmond.

Take a look at the granddaughter’s sweet face. She is beaming with joy and happiness to be with her grandmother. Smith has the look of one very happy, contented grandma to hold her close by.

The former Charlie’s Angels star from the ’70s wrote a message about this very photo. “Visiting my son’s family and my newest granddaughter Wren was such a special way to spend the first week of the year!” Smith said. “There is nothing better than watching her discover the world around her.”

Jaclyn Smith Sure Does Love Her Grandchildren

While she’s focusing on Wren in this photo, Smith also dotes on her two other grandchildren, Bea and Olivia.

Smith, 78, enjoys her life these days, only working if she desires to do so.

Bea was born in September 2016 and Smith had this to say about her grandchild. “The love that you have for your children, it’s like ‘Oh my God.’ But this is even bigger — there are no words. I was thrilled to become a grandma,” she said.

“It’s hard to explain with grandchildren,” Smith said, according to Do You Remember. “It’s like you need an extra chamber in your heart. In many ways that ground you, because you look beyond yourself, it’s no longer just about you. You know you’d give it all for them.”

Smith played Kelly Garrett in the popular TV show. After the series ended, Smith appeared in a couple of Charlie’s Angels movies. But she also turned her attention to producing clothes and perfume, too. Smith’s success in the business world has provided a template for others to follow.

TV Show Always Will Have A Soft Spot For Smith

But the native of Houston, Texas, will never have the spotlight created by Charlie’s Angels leave her. The series was a ratings boom for ABC. It ran five seasons and Smith was there for all of them. Original Angels Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson left during the show’s run.

“We were independent women making our way,” Smith said in a Forbes interview. “Our lives didn’t revolve around men. There was a bond with the girls, and we had loyalty to each other which was a gift from heaven, and that’s what we want today.”

Smith has been the only original cast member to make appearances in the big-screen movies. Besides Charlie’s Angels, she also appeared in numerous TV movies and miniseries. She’s been married four times. Smith is now married to Houston surgeon Brad Allen and has been since 1997.

When asked what keeps Smith going forward, she talked about her work ethic. “I have loved working, being active, creative, and artistic since I was a little girl,” she said. “Challenges release endorphins and keep you young, and work is rejuvenating. I am at my best when I am working. My family is always my top priority, but; somehow, you make it all work.”

Smith has had a clothing line as part of Kmart’s offerings for nearly four decades. She said that she learned a lot about stores and price points for clothes from the relationship. But she remains focused not only on her work but family, too. As you can tell from the photo with her granddaughter, spending time with her kids energizes Smith.