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Charlie Sheen Compares His Drug, Alcohol Addiction to ‘Demonic Possession’

Charlie Sheen Compares His Drug, Alcohol Addiction to ‘Demonic Possession’

While promoting his new show Bookie, Charlie Sheen opened up about the “surreal” return to television following years of drug and alcohol addiction. 

During his recent interview with PEOPLE, Sheen compared his drug and alcohol addiction to demon possession. “Look, for a while, there wasn’t much about my life to complain about,” he explained. “I lived a life where people were really happy when I showed up, and they were sad when I left. That went away when everything turned to s—. It turned into, ‘Oh, God. Here he comes,’ and then ‘Is he gone? Good.’”

Charlie Sheen also admitted that he still feels shame for his past behavior. He never expected Chuck Lorre to contact him for Bookie after their huge Two and a Half Men fallout.

“Chuck reached out,” Sheen recalled. “He said, ‘Hey, it’s time to bury the hatchet. It’s time for us to give each other a hug. And remember the great stuff that we did together.’” 

Charlie Sheen further recalled first seeing Lorre in years. “Both of us were just beaming. Beaming.” 

Sheen pointed out it’s been “surreal” for him to be at a place where he has his life together and back on a Chuck Lorre series. “it’s one of those things that is so surreal that I keep hearing Al Michael’s famous hockey call: ‘Do you believe in miracles?’ It’s a trip.” 

Charlie Sheen Says He’s Ready for More Roles to Come His Way 

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen says he’s ready for more things to happen with his acting career. “For the longest time, I had the best work reputation,” he reflected. “I was the first to arrive, last to leave, when in doubt I’d over-prepare.”

Sheen further explained that he would just check every box when it came to his career. “And that went away. So I was really excited about being that guy again.”

However, Sheen did acknowledge that his future is out of his control. “All I can control is my reaction to things,” he continued. “Which in and of itself is a daily battle. So I’m staying completely neutral. I’m not building any wild fantasies about what this is going to lead to. I’m just going to live inside of exactly what the moment is, what the experience is.”

Charlie Sheen went on to add that if the show spurs or sparks another opportunity, that’ll be absolutely amazing to him.