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Catherine O’Hara Shocked to Realize Macaulay Culkin is Older Than She Was in ‘Home Alone’

Catherine O’Hara Shocked to Realize Macaulay Culkin is Older Than She Was in ‘Home Alone’

Catherine O’Hara is wrapping her head around the fact that her onscreen son, Macaulay Culkin, is a full-fledged adult. Although the Beetlejuice actress is now 69, she was just 34 when she played Cuklin’s mother in 1990’s Home Alone “He’s 43. That’s older than I was when I played his mother!” O’Hara recently told People.

“He’s got a lovely wife to be, and two beautiful kids. And he just seems really happy, and I’m very happy for him,” O’Hara added. Culkin is engaged to actress Brenda Song, and together they have already welcomed two sons.

On December 1st, at Culkin’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, O’Hara had the pleasure of seeing her co-star along with his young family. O’Hara delivered a heartfelt speech during the event.

Home Alone was, is, and always will be a beloved global sensation. The reason families all over the world can’t let a year go by without watching and loving Home Alone together is because of Macaulay Culkin,” Catherine O’Hara said at the time.

“You so deserve your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And thank you for including me, your fake mom who left you home alone not once but twice, to share in this happy occasion,” she quipped, referencing the Home Alone films. “I’m so proud of you.”

Catherine O’Hara Hit a Minor Bump With Her Speech for Macaulay Culkin

Though her speech was a highlight of the event, there was a last-minute hiccup. When O’Hara crafted her speech, she was unaware that Culkin would be standing beside her. It made the speech feel more intimate than she had imagined.

“I didn’t know he’d be standing beside me when I spoke,” she explained. “So it was much more personal than I knew it would be. I really wanted to honor him because he worked so hard as a child. You don’t appreciate that. It’s hard to appreciate that a child is really working. But he really made it look natural.”

O’Hara never expected the film to become a cultural phenomenon, but she loved bringing it to life.

“I need to care about the whole thing. I don’t care to do a great role in a bad project. You want to be part of something good, and that’s how you go. Then the people that you’re going to get to work with and the experience, the day-to-day experience. And in that case, it was lovely. All those kids that played our children were just lovely,” she recalled.