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Catherine O’Hara Reveals She Once Had a ‘Home Alone’ Moment in Real Life

Catherine O’Hara Reveals She Once Had a ‘Home Alone’ Moment in Real Life

Many people have grown up watching Catherine O’Hara throw a fit when she forgets her son in the classic movie Home Alone. It may be hard to believe something like that could happen in real life. Yet it did, and O’Hara can bear witness to the situation.

“My mom and dad . . . had seven kids and they once moved from one house to another and left my sister,” O’Hara said in a 2015 interview. Her sister happens to be singer-actress Mary Margaret O’Hara. She was the forgotten one for a little bit of time.

Catherine O’Hara played Kate, the mother, opposite Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin in Home Alone. Some folks might remember O’Hara as part of the SCTV comedy troupe. But she pulled off her motherly role with flying colors.

‘Home Alone’ Star Happy People Make Movie As Part of Their Holidays

Home Alone premiered in 1990, becoming a mainstay among other Christmas movies. Kevin works overtime while he’s home to battle against two goofy burglars (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern). Those scenes provide some of the movie’s funniest moments.

Once reunited with Kevin, Kate feels an overwhelming sense of relief. Catherine O’Hara is quite happy that so many people have made Home Alone part of their Christmas and holiday traditions. “I love running into all the young people who were kids at the time and grew up with that movie and watch it every holiday,” she said. “I’m grateful to be part of someone’s Christmas ritual.”

Over the years, fans, according to the actress, have come up to her and thanked her for being in the movie. But they have a weird request. They will ask O’Hara to scream out their first name. And they want it done just as she did in the movie. You know the scene right? It’s the one where she first realizes her son was left behind. She shrieks, “Kevin!”

Catherine O’Hara Fondly Remembers Working With Culkin

When asked about working with Culkin, Catherine O’Hara said, “He was just a lovely little boy . . . he was just a regular little kid who would rather be goofing off than working. He definitely did his job.”

O’Hara and Culkin recently reunited for a very worthy reason. Culkin received a Hollywood Walk of Fame spot just for him. O’Hara even offered up a few comments at the ceremony.

But she’s been busy in the years since Home Alone came out in the theaters. Catherine O’Hara popped up in the second Home Alone movie as, of course, Kate. She would go later on and join the cast of Schitt’s Creek. The actress has proven to be quite adept at working in serious and humorous settings.