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Bryce Dallas Howard Reveals That Dad Ron Howard Proposed to Her Mom Three Times

Bryce Dallas Howard Reveals That Dad Ron Howard Proposed to Her Mom Three Times

Ron and Cheryl Howard have a successful show business marriage and Cheryl, Bryce Dallas Howard says, didn’t say “yes” right away. Bryce Dallas Howard is one of four children that Ron and Cheryl have had in their marriage. She’s currently part of the cast in the movie Argylle, which has come under scrutiny from critics and moviegoers alike.

While that movie stuff shakes out, Howard stopped by The Drew Barrymore Show on Monday. She chatted about her new movie but there were family matters brought up, too. Not in a gossipy way, mind you, but in a reflective manner. Bryce offered up some info about how her parents met. Barrymore asked her and she said they were students at John Burroughs High School in Burbank, Calif.

Then, Bryce offered up some “inside baseball” thoughts about her folks. “But, you know, while they had an incredible relationship in high school and everything, he proposed three times and she said no two of them,” Bryce Dallas Howard said. “Because she was like, ‘I wanna go to school first. I’m not ready to be on your train yet.’ She’s really strong.”

Bryce Dallas Howard Talks About Growing Up

So, Cheryl eventually said yes to Ron and they got married. By this time, he’d spent years as a working actor. Howard made his mark as Opie Taylor on The Andy Griffith Show, but he always had eyes toward being a director. That dream eventually would become reality.

As Bryce Dallas Howard kept talking with Barrymore, the one-time child star asked Howard about her growing-up years, according to People.

“I grew up very, very, very, very, very sheltered and protected,” Howard, 42, said. “And it’s really my mom, my mom and my dad have been together since they were 16 and she’s a force of nature.

“She solo’d her first plane when she was 16,” Bryce Dallas Howard said. “When there wasn’t a sport for girls in her school she cut off all her hair and told everyone her name was Charlie and she played football; and then when they found out, she started a track team. … She’s a writer. She writes esoteric science-fiction.”

Ron Howard, Cheryl Howard Move Kids

Cheryl Howard appears to be a force of nature, which is a good thing. She and Ron made a decision when Bryce and her brothers and sisters were young. One day, Bryce came home from school with a script. Someone had dropped it into a bag she had in the hopes it would get to her father. That type of business didn’t sit well with Ron and Cheryl. They didn’t want their kids to grow up around the Hollywood scene. So, they uprooted and moved to Connecticut. Ron Howard even spent a lot of time on planes, traveling back and forth between the East and West Coast. He was just establishing his company, Imagine Entertainment, at that time.

Having an independent streak probably helped Cheryl stay focused on her kids when Ron wasn’t around. Bryce Dallas Howard admires her mother for simply being Cheryl.

“She’s just so unapologetically herself, and I think she, in a way, raised my dad to be that way,” Bryce Dallas Howard said. “Because they’ve been together since they were 16, and she’s just kept him so honest and real.”