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Bruce Willis’ Daughter Reflects on Happy Family Memories Amid Actor’s Dementia Battle

Bruce Willis’ Daughter Reflects on Happy Family Memories Amid Actor’s Dementia Battle

As Bruce Willis continues his fight against frontotemporal dementia, the Die Hard star’s daughter Tallulah reflects on happy family memories with a series of photos.

In an Instagram post last week, Tallulah declared how proud she is as Bruce while he continues his fight. “Damn, these photos are hitting tonight,” she wrote in the caption. “You’re my whole damn heart and I’m so proud to be your Tallulah Belle Bruce Willis.”

As previously reported, Bruce Willis’ wife and Tullulah’s stepmother, Emma, wrote in a recent op-ed about things she and the Willis family have learned since the actor’s official diagnosis. “Bruce’s FTD diagnosis was devastating, but it explained so much of what we’d been going through. His diagnosis enabled us to put things that once felt so confusing into a medical context.”

After finding out about Bruce’s condition, Emma said she found support within a community of others who are experiencing the same thing. “You get to connect with people who understand your story immediately. You don’t even have to explain yourself.”

Bruce Willis’ wife went on to add that the experience has changed her in a significant way. “I wouldn’t wish an FTD diagnosis on anyone,” Emma noted. “But our journey has changed how I perceive the world. I’ve become more compassionate. I find that I’m able to hold more space for what others might be going through.”

Bruce Willis’ Daughter Calls Out TikToker For Making Comments About Her Family 

Continuing to protect and stand up for her father, Bruce Willis’ daughter Tallulah calls out a TikToker for making comments about how her family is handling the actor’s dementia diagnosis. 

The TikToker, PrimaDonneroftheGutterPodcast, shared a snapshot of Tallulah’s Instagram and stated, “Can you do me a favor, if I ever get dementia, please don’t take pictures of me and post it on the internet, telling everyone how I’m getting worse and I’m toothless. And they don’t even know how to talk anymore. Especially if I’m a famous celebrity. Please don’t do this to me.”

Tallulah was quick to call this TikTok’er out by sharing the clip on her Instagram. “I hate that I’m giving this person more reach,” she wrote first. “But with the pain and everything else my family and I are already facing, this just feels f—ing foul and unacceptable. I’m honestly a bit speechless right now.” 

Tallulah’s followers quickly took to the social media platform to support her and her family. “I saw this on TikTok and was disgusted,” one follower wrote. “People love to talk about things they know nothing about. We all know the truth & sending love.”

Another follower added, “My mom was diagnosed with FTD in March and it has been soul-crushing. Sharing your story has made me feel less alone. So grateful to you and your family.”