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Bruce Willis and Demi Moore Are First-Time Grandparents: See Pics

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore Are First-Time Grandparents: See Pics

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, already parents of children, now get to enjoy and embrace the world of being grandparents. Earlier this year in April, Willis and Moore earned a promotion thanks to their daughter Rumer Willis. She and her boyfriend, Derek Richard Thomas, had their daughter, Louetta Isley Thomas Willis.

Besides the pictures below, Rumer has been busy putting more of them up on Instagram. Check out even more photos right here. Rumer even put up photos and some text about how much Grandma Demi has been helping her.

Rumer had an at-home birth, plus she shared some advice about having children. She said that she waited to have a child with the right partner.

“It’s important to wait,” she back in 2020 while on The Talk. “I think it’s so important not to rush in and have it be about the lust or about, you know, that immediate connection, then building a real foundation.”

At the time, Rumer also joked that her father was putting in his two cents for a grandson. Willis happens to have three daughters with Moore. He’s also had two with his current wife, Emma Heming Willis.

“Even my dad puts pressure on me,” she said. “Over quarantine, he was like, ‘So I’d like for you to have a son because I need some male energy in this group.’ It’s a lot of women, obviously. He has five daughters and my mom and my step-mom. There’s just a lot of female energy.”

Bruce Willis Becomes Grandfather Even With Prognosis

The family as a whole is welcoming this child into the world. But they have had a new challenge crop up. Willis was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. Rumer said she really “loves to see her parents with their granddaughter.”

“Seeing my father hold my daughter today was something I will treasure for the rest of my life. His sweetness and love for her was so pure and beautiful,” she wrote on an Instagram post.

What about Moore? Well, she picked up some time with Rumer and the baby. In one photo that Moore herself and posted on Instagram, she is shown reclining with Rume and the baby. Also in the picture is Moore’s dog, Pilaf.

The new grandmother celebrated her eldest daughter’s 35th birthday with an array of photos. Moore, who starred in Disclosure, wrote alongside the photo “…Now here you are my baby, with your own baby, bringing even greater meaning, magic, and love into all of our lives.” Rumer replied in the comments, “… Knowing what it takes to help bring a soul into this world gives it a whole new meaning for me. I always thought this was my day but I know now it has always been ours”

These days, Willis spends time away from show business. Because of his dementia, Willis is not able to even read scripts or memorize lines. Yet family always has been important to Willis. Now with his first grandchild here, there’s even more reason to celebrate and be with his family. They, in turn, are by his side in these challenging days.