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Brian Austin Green Says Luke Perry’s Death May Have Been the ‘Best Thing’ for Him

Brian Austin Green Says Luke Perry’s Death May Have Been the ‘Best Thing’ for Him

More than four years after Luke Perry died from a stroke, Brian Austin Green stated that his 90210 co-star’s cause of death may have been the best thing for him. 

During a recent appearance on the Comfort Food With Kelly Rizzo podcast, Green spoke about Perry’s death. “He passed away of complications from brain swelling and things that happened because of the physical stroke itself,” the actor explained. “There was absolutely a part of me that was really upset and disappointed, of course, that it was as serious [as] it was.”

Brian Austin Green noted that while people have strokes all the time, it was rough hearing his 90210 co-star died suddenly from one. “People don’t die from strokes all the time. And he was 52 years old at that point. He was so young. So normally, people go through strokes and then they recover. It takes years sometimes to… but they recover from them.”

Green then said that a part of him was with Perry and it felt like the stroke was the best thing to happen to him. “Cause Luke was very – Luke took pride in who he was,” he continued. Green described Perry as being quick-witted, very kind, and very generous. “And… to now have any of those, any of those things missing at all would have so severely affected him.” 

Brian Austin Green pointed out that the recovery would have taken possibly four years or “near” there. “it would have been really, really difficult for him.” 

Green added that to him, Perry either had to be 100% or not. “There was no middle ground.”

Brian Austin Green Was Battle a Neurological Condition That Left Him With ‘Stroke Like Symptoms’ When Luke Perry Died 

Also reflecting on his own health issues, Brian Austin Green stated that he had been battling a neurological condition at the time of Luke Perry’s death. That condition left him with “stroke-like symptoms.”

“When I heard that he’d had a stroke, my first thought was, I just, like went through this,” he explained. “I just went through all of the speech therapy, physical therapy, all the stuff you need to do. So, who better to help him through this than me? And then he passed.” 

Green admitted he thought Perry was going to outlive all of the 90210 cast. “When he passed, I was incredibly sad. Incredibly shocked… He was a brother for me. And he’s somebody that I really took pride in, like, mirroring my life after, because he just so inspired me.”