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‘Brady Bunch’ Star Barry Williams Rips Shirt Off on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

‘Brady Bunch’ Star Barry Williams Rips Shirt Off on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

There’s nothing like making a scene on Dancing with the Stars and The Brady Bunch star Barry Williams did just that. Williams managed to stir the pot by ripping off his shirt while dancing with partner Peta Murgatroyd. Despite his efforts, Williams was eliminated from the competition.

OK, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this salsa dance he and Peta were doing.

“What we wanted to do in the most fun way possible is to gain the attention of the judges… because we felt that if they were watching us, they wouldn’t be watching the other couple,” Williams, 69, told Fox News Digital

He stole the show in a dance-off with Murgatroyd. They faced contestant Jason Mraz and pro Daniella.

Williams did his best in the competition.

What happened? The crowd got into it. Reportedly, they even chanted his name after it was over. Christopher Knight, Williams’ “Brady” brother, was in the crowd for moral support.

“I’m going to chuckle forever. It was great,” Knight told Fox News Digital. “An unfortunate ending, but he went out giving it [his] all… It just goes to prove if you’re going to take your shirt off, take your pants off too, leave nothing on.”

Knight Calls Williams’ ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Effort ‘Gutty’

Knight added that Williams’ last performance on Dancing with the Stars was “extraordinary” and “very gutty.” 

“What an entertaining evening, and I’m very proud of him,” Knight said.

Murgatroyd said to Fox News Digital, “I don’t even like to hear you say that Barry got voted off. I don’t want to believe it’s real. Barry was the star tonight. Barry is such an incredible performer. Week to week he worked so hard… he worked through so much with his body to get to the point where he was at now, and I think he’s amazing… I saw Barry potentially being in the final.”

Previously, Williams detailed the intense preparation that he goes through in his daily workout routine. That’s while also participating in Dancing with the Stars season 32. 

“For one thing, it’s seven days a week,” Williams said. “For another thing, I do a complete workout… stretch and practice before I come to rehearsal… that’s new.”

Williams described how he physically felt during the dance competition as he geared up for his performances weekly. “Terrible,” he quipped. “I’m a basket case. I’m going to be the biggest buyer of Epsom salts that Walgreens has ever seen.”

While DWTS said goodbye to Barry and his good friend Chris, you can catch them every week. The Brady Bros. Podcast allows them to offer some behind-the-scenes stories about The Brady Bunch.