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‘The Brady Bunch’: Eve Plumb Reveals the Role That Saved Her From the ‘Child Star Curse’

‘The Brady Bunch’: Eve Plumb Reveals the Role That Saved Her From the ‘Child Star Curse’

She made her mark on the world as Jan Brady on The Brady Bunch, but Eve Plumb reveals there was another role that impacted her so much, that it saved her from Hollywood’s child star curse. 

During a recent interview with Fox News Digital, Plumb reflected on her role in Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn. In this role, The Brady Bunch alum played a 15-year-old who ran away to Hollywood and became a prostitute. The role helped save her from being typecast in Hollywood.

“That was the giant leap that sent me from being Jan Brady to being an adult actress,” Plumb explained. “I was very excited to play something very different and very challenging. It was a really great opportunity.”

The Brady Bunch alum then said that the role was very popular and did well in the ratings. “I haven’t faced a lot of typecasting. I’ve been fortunate enough to continue to be cast in different roles. Nobody has seemed to put me in a niche.”

Following the film, Plumb ended up taking various roles on TV shows, including Murder, She Wrote, Love Boat, and Fantasy Island. She also appeared in Fudge. However, she said she has fond memories of The Brady Bunch, including keeping memorabilia from the set and from her TV family.

Eve Plumb Avoided Jumping Into Another Role Immediately After ‘The Brady Bunch’ Ended

Meanwhile, Eve Plumb explained that, instead of immediately jumping into another role after The Brady Bunch,  she seemingly decided to live a normal life following the sitcom’s end. 

“I went back to high school,” Plumb explained. “It was a private school. I was a cheerleader, and I just did [the] best I could in school.”

The Brady Bunch star also said that she had planned to go to Cal State Northridge for theater arts after graduating high school. I went to a very small high school, and I think in Los Angeles it’s sort of accepted [if you’re an actor], so I didn’t feel ostracized or pandered to in any way. But maybe I’m just unaware.”

Plumb went on to explain that she started acting after a children’s acting agent moved next door to her family when she was six years old. “I had probably said hello to her, and she got to talk to my mother and convinced her to take me on an audition for a commercial. And I got the job.”

The actress then recalled getting more commercial jobs as well as TV show parts. “One thing led to another, and I haven’t stopped working since.”