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‘Boy Meets World’s Rider Strong Recalls ‘Nightmare’ 90s Fan Cruises

‘Boy Meets World’s Rider Strong Recalls ‘Nightmare’ 90s Fan Cruises

Boy Meets World star Rider Strong recently revealed that he considered 90s fan cruises far from a vacation. In the November 19th episode of the “Pod Meets World” podcast, the Cabin Fever actor shared insights about his involvement in two events with Sail the Stars.

Strong, famous for playing Shawn Hunter on Boy Meets World from 1993 to 2000, shared how he and his family enjoyed a fully sponsored cruise where fans had the chance to connect with their favorite celebrities. Strong detailed the situation to cohosts and fellow Boy Meets World stars Danielle Fishel and Will Friedle.

“The benefit for me and my family is we got to go on a cruise for free,” Rider admitted. “The problem is you are stuck on a boat with nowhere to go and you’re working the whole time,” he added.

Additionally, he emphasized the lack of privacy beyond their cramped cabins. “Everyone could just walk up to you. And these people had paid thousands of dollars. So they felt they had a right to talk to you, get to know you, take a photo with you, dance with you, go to your dinner table.”

The ‘Boy Meets World’ Star Felt Like ‘An Object’ on the Cruise

Strong admitted he felt objectified on the cruise. “Everywhere you went you were an object of companionship for these people. It was very disconcerting for me and very uncomfortable,” he said.

Rider Strong initially had a simple cruise experience with basic greetings on stage. The second trip, however, was a more elaborate production, featuring fellow celebrities like his cohosts and Jonathan Taylor Thomas. During this voyage, he continuously entertained the audience, including performing nightly dance routines on stage.

“I’m an actor, I guess I should have been OK with that. But I really wasn’t,” Rider explained. Strong couldn’t help but feel envious of Taylor Thomas. Despite being equally miserable at dancing, Taylor exuded self-assurance and confidence when declining such activities. “Being a kid or teenager, it was particularly difficult for me to grasp the concept of boundaries and learn how to establish them,” Rider added.

However, not everyone was miserable like Strong on the cruise. In contrast, Fishel recounted a remarkable experience, describing her time on the cruise ships as the most delightful period of her life. “Having my entire family there, surrounded by love, indulging in delicious food, with unlimited virgin Pina Coladas at every corner,” Fishel gushed.