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Bonnie Bartlett: What is the ‘St. Elsewhere’ Actress Up to Now?

Bonnie Bartlett: What is the ‘St. Elsewhere’ Actress Up to Now?

Bonnie Bartlett is one of those actresses you see in many roles, yet might wonder what is she up to right now. So, we don’t have any professional show updates for Bartlett’s career. Yet she is setting a new record (of some kind) in her marriage to actor William Daniels.

If Bartlett’s name sounds familiar, then it should. She played Ellen Craig on St. Elsewhere, who was the wife of Daniels’ character Dr. Mark Craig. Bartlett won two Emmy Awards for her efforts, including one on the same night as Daniels in 1986. This matter marked the first time for it to be done since 1965.

Before St. Elsewhere, though, Bartlett had a recurring role on Little House on the Prairie. She played Grace Snider Edwards on the show, who was married to Victor French’s Isaiah Edwards.

After St. Elsewhere ended its long run on NBC, Bartlett bounced over to ABC for a time on Boy Meets World. Bartlett played the wife of George Feeny, a sixth-grade teacher played by Daniels. Other shows Bartlett appeared on include Home Improvement, Wiseguy, seaQuest DSV, and ER.

Bonnie Bartlett Played Mother Role in ‘Twins’

Bartlett’s film work included a very funny turn as the mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Twins. Recently, she had a turn on Better Call Saul. For those fans of The Golden Girls, they will remember Bartlett from playing Barbara Thorndyke, a good friend of Dorothy (Bea Arthur). In real life, Bartlett and Arthur were good friends who knew each other from their New York days

Yet the Wisconsin native probably is most proud of the lengthy marriage she’s been in with Daniels. The couple has been married for 72 years, setting some type of record in Hollywood. They adopted two sons, Michael and Robert, and they had a third, William Jr.

Bartlett managed to be involved in a daytime soap opera titled Love of Life. That goes way back to the 1950s, yet gives people a reference point for her career.

With some encouragement from friends, Bartlett wrote her memoir, Middle of the Rainbow. In it, she gets quite open about the struggles she’s faced in life. Bartlett remembers having interactions with Marilyn Monroe early in their careers. She also shares a story about her good friend Gene Wilder and how he helped Bonnie get one of her adopted sons home.

Actress Shares Her Life Story Through Memoir

Bonnie Bartlett was asked by Forbes in an interview what she hopes readers will get out of the memoir. This interview took place in 2023. “I really want it as a history,” Bartlett said. “It’s a history of almost 100 years of a woman. I’m 93, I’ll be 94. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be 100. I want people, men too, but women to realize what has occurred in all of that time and the difference in the way women are treated. They’re making progress all the time. Equal pay is now on the horizon, you know? The #MeToo ladies, they’re speaking out. All of that because all of that behavior is unacceptable.”

She also opens up about a couple of sexual assaults in her life, including one from her father.

While it is understandable if Bonnie and Bill slow down, they stay pretty active. Fan conventions welcome their presence, especially fans of Bill’s work on a show like Knight Rider. He provided the voice of KITT, which was the car David Hasselhoff drove around in on the show.
Bartlett, along with their son Michael, helps Bill film messages for people on Cameo. It’s just another way for fans and stars to connect. And Bartlett loves to help her husband out in this way.

She keeps on going and enjoying her life these days. Things are good for Bonnie Bartlett these days.