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Bob Saget’s Daughters Gave Widow Kelly Rizzo ‘Their Blessing’ to Date Again

Bob Saget’s Daughters Gave Widow Kelly Rizzo ‘Their Blessing’ to Date Again

Kelly Rizzo can go out on the dating scene once again after receiving the blessing of late comedian Bob Saget‘s daughters. Rizzo was married to Saget, who sadly died in January 2022 at 65 years old. Daughters Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer were from Saget’s first marriage to Sherri Kramer. They divorced in 1997 and Saget married Rizzo in 2018.

“It’s meant everything,” Rizzo said to Fox News Digital. “Even though it’s something that you don’t think you need permission for, it meant everything to me to have their blessing and just knowing that they want me to be happy and that they love me. And the two of them saying that Bob would want me to be happy meant everything because they’re his kids. They knew him best.”

Kelly Rizzo Now Has Podcast On Grief and Food

Rizzo, 44, who is a food blogger, has launched a podcast titled Comfort Food with Kelly Rizzo. In it, Rizzo talks with celebrities about grief issues while having some good dishes around, too.

“I’d love to think that Bob would want me to be happy too, but to hear it from them is just a totally different level,” Rizzo said. “And it meant the world just to hear, ‘Hey, we trust you. We love you. We know you’re going to do what’s right, and we want you to be happy.’

“To continually have their support – I couldn’t ask for a greater gift,” Rizzo said.

So, Rizzo and Saget spent their last Christmas together in 2021, and it was different. Rizzo would usually spend the holidays with her family in Chicago. Saget preferred to bask in the California sunshine with his daughters. That year, though, he went to Chicago and spent it with Rizzo’s family and his daughter Lara.

“We were so fortunate that we got to have that last Christmas together,” she said. “It was such a special time. My family was so happy to have him, and it was just this beautiful time that we all had. We all got to be together… And last Christmas, Lara came to Chicago to spend Christmas with my family. It was a wonderful time that first year. She wanted to do it again and honor him by coming back to Chicago. So this Christmas, Lara is spending Christmas with my family again.

Rizzo Keeping Family Christmas Tradition Going

“Now, we’re kind of keeping that very last Christmas that we had together,” Rizzo said. “We’re keeping the tradition alive with Lara continuing to come to spend Christmas with my family. We’re very excited to have her, and we’re going to just eat all the foods that Bob loved and talk about him. We want to make sure he’s still a part of the festivities.”

Rizzo said Saget’s favorite holiday was Thanksgiving. She said that even when they started dating, they spent every Thanksgiving together.

“He was so excited for turkey,” she said. “He believed he made the best turkey ever. He had a method to his madness, but he would just go into the fridge and get out the barbecue sauce, the Worcestershire sauce, and all these random things and just start pouring it on top of the turkey. He didn’t know what he was doing, but it always ended up great. He was convinced that he made the world’s best turkey. That was his comfort food. Every year we got together with his daughters, and his nephew and just had this really great Thanksgiving. I’m so happy I have such wonderful memories from that.”