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Bethany Joy Lenz’s Husband: All About the ‘One Tree Hill’ Star’s Ex, Michael Galeotti

Bethany Joy Lenz’s Husband: All About the ‘One Tree Hill’ Star’s Ex, Michael Galeotti

Bethany Joy Lenz, of One Tree Hill fame, had her life rocked by Michael Galeotti’s death. Of course, longtime Lenz fans will know that she and Galeotti were married previously. Lenz married Galeotti, a musician, back in 2005. But they divorced in 2012.

Well, in 2016, Galeotti was found dead at his home. The cause of death has been linked to atherosclerosis and heart disease. This may have been something Michael Galeotti knew about and kept close to the vest. We also know that there had been reports of heavy drinking on Galeotti’s part over the years. Yet it appears that did not play a factor in his death.

He reportedly grew up in a stable home. Galeotti’s father owned a wine cellar; his mother was a high school teacher. He always had a keen interest in music, which led Galeotti to join the band Enation in 2003. That time was about a year after he’d graduated from high school.

The acting world became part of his life as Galeotti joined the Disney show Jersey.

IGaleotti met Lenz in 2005. They got married on December 1, 2005 in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Michael Galeotti And His Drinking Hurt Lenz

As we mentioned, reports of Galeotti’s drinking became more of the rule than the exception around Lenz. Well, she reached her breaking point when she became pregnant with their first child.

Upon the birth of their daughter, Maria Rose, in 2011, Lenz filed for divorce. It became finalized in 2012 and she gained custody of her daughter, according to The People Who Share.

“As most of you know, as much as I love to share with you the magic of ordinary days, I am also very private about my personal life,” Bethany Joy Lenz wrote publicly. “In fact, the only reason I’m saying anything about this at all is that you’ll all be wondering soon why everyone is calling me ‘Bethany Joy Lenz’ again. I’m sorry to say that Michael and I have decided to divorce.”

After the divorce, Galeotti was reportedly stopped a couple of times for driving under the influence. He reportedly visited a local hospital for a few days between December 2015 and January 2016. Galeotti was not feeling well and a doctor’s diagnosis revolved around diverticulitis and high blood pressure. He was released and went home.

Galeotti Passes Away in 2016

Around this time, friends tried to reach out through calls and texts to Galeotti’s phone. They received no answer. So, one of them went by his home to check on him. It was when the person got there that they found Galeotti dead on January 11, 2016.

An autopsy indicated that his heart disease played a significant role in his death. There were no traces of alcohol in his bloodstream when looking at Galeotti’s body.

Lenz did release a statement after news of Galeotti’s death was released to the public. She talked about his kindness and musical talent while expressing sadness over his death. Michael Galeotti was just 31 years old when he died.