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‘Batman Returns’ Star Michelle Pfeiffer Celebrates ’30 Years of Bliss’ With Her Husband David E. Kelley

‘Batman Returns’ Star Michelle Pfeiffer Celebrates ’30 Years of Bliss’ With Her Husband David E. Kelley

Earlier this month, Batman Returns star Michelle Pfeiffer took to her Instagram to celebrate her 30th anniversary with husband David E. Kelley

The actress shared a snapshot of her and Kelley in the adorable social media post. “30 years of bliss,” she declared in the post. Pfeiffer first met the TV writer and producer in 1993. She notably made a brief uncredited cameo appearance in one of Kelley’s TV shows, Picket Fences.

The couple shares a son, John Henry Kelley II. Before meeting Kelley, Michelle Pfeiffer adopted her daughter Claudia Rose. Kelley is known for his work on various TV shows, including L.A. Law, Chicago Hope, The Practice, Ally McBeal, and Boston Public. 

Following the anniversary celebration, Pfeiffer posted a pic of her and Kelley surrounded by Christmas decorations. “Lit up trees this time of year never cease to fill me up with the magic of the holiday season,” she wrote

Prior to marrying Kelley, Pfieffer was married to fellow actor Peter Horton from 1981 to 1988. 

Michelle Pfeiffer Once Said She Was ‘Hesitant’ to Meet David E. Kelley

During her appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Kimmel in 2022, Michelle Pfeiffer spoke about how she was hesitant to meet David E. Kelley at first. 

“I was kind of nervous,” she recalled. “And I’d had a couple of bad blind dates and I had sworn off of them.”

However, Michelle Pfeiffer’s best friend convinced her to go for it. “[They’] said, ‘’Please, just this last time, meet this guy, David Kelley,’ and I said, ‘OK.’”

Pfeiffer also said she thought Kelley and her sister, Dedee Pfeiffer, were a better match. She had noticed the duo had a chat during a dinner prior to the bowling party. “We all met for dinner before, which was the awkward part, probably,” she continued. “ think the bowling part was OK. Somehow, he ended up sitting across from my sister and I ended up sitting across from his best friend.”

Michelle Pfeiffer described her sister as being very charming and really good socially. She, on the other hand, is the opposite. “I’m not so good. And he’s a little bit shy, we’re both a little bit [shy]. I say to my best friend ‘I think I should set Dedee up with him. They seem to be really hitting it off.’”

Her best friend refused to allow her to set Kelley up with her sister. “My friend said, ‘Don’t you dare. I will kill you. I am sitting across from your next husband.’”

It seemed as though her best friend was correct and the duo ended up together after all.