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Barry Williams’ Net Worth: How Much Did the Greg Brady Actor Make on ‘Brady Bunch’?

Barry Williams’ Net Worth: How Much Did the Greg Brady Actor Make on ‘Brady Bunch’?

It’s not hard to find an area of show business that Barry Williams has not been a part of and that’s helped his net worth. Williams, of course, is most associated with playing Greg Brady on The Brady Bunch. But wait, there’s more. Especially before and after the sitcom, which ran between 1969-74 on ABC.

Williams is a native of Southern California, Santa Monica to be exact. As a young boy, Williams scored guest-star appearances on shows like Adam-12, Dragnet, Mission: Impossible, and The Mod Squad. In 1969, Williams started with The Brady Bunch. Greg was the oldest among three boys, which also included actors Christopher Knight and Mike Lookinland.

Putting all of his work as a child and adult together, Williams has a net worth of $6 million. That’s according to Celebrity Net Worth. When Williams was on The Brady Bunch, he was 1,100 per week. That would be their salary, taking into account how many weeks per year they worked.

Barry Williams Works to End Typecast

For Williams, breaking out of being typecast is hard to do. It was a struggle at times, but he plowed ahead. Beyond television, Williams started to get work on the stage. He toured around with productions of plays like Grease, The Sound of Music, and Pippin. Williams hit Broadway in 1988 with the musical Romance/Romance.

In 1992, Williams released an autobiography titled Growing Up Brady: I Was A Teenage Greg. It proved to be quite popular, becoming a New York Times bestseller. The book became a television movie, which starred Adam Brody in 2000. And it was titled Growing Up Brady.

Between 2001 and 2002, Williams had a steady gig as Dean “The Machine” Strickland on the sitcom Hollywood 7. In it, he manages a British teen pop group called S Club 7. Then, in 2003, Williams teamed up with other Brady Bunch cast members to play himself in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. It was a David Spade movie which did decently at the box office.

Williams continued to make appearances on television shows like That ’70s Show and Scrubs. Over the years, Williams has been a pretty consistent presence for Brady-related shows. Williams teams up with Knight for The Real Brady Boys podcast. The twosome usually takes an old Brady Bunch show and dissects it. Williams and Knight offer their insights, which baby-boomer fans can enjoy.

He has been married three times and has two children. Williams is currently married to Tina Mahina. They were together for a few years before making the call.

Williams Entertains Fans in Branson

Fans who want to see Williams put on a show can make their way to Branson, Missouri. He has lived there for the past decade, being in one of the city’s theaters. Williams continues to get a kick out of making fans smile for joy.

Williams has broken through the typecasting that’s been in his professional life. It appears that he’s put some distance between him and the famous sitcom.

He’s been staying in touch with fans through public appearances all these many years. And he gets to hear them not only ask questions but say “thank you.”