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Barbra Streisand Admits Being ‘Sick of Herself’ After Writing 970-Page Memoir

Barbra Streisand Admits Being ‘Sick of Herself’ After Writing 970-Page Memoir

Barbra Streisand admits that she’s been quite busy writing and going out for press events around her memoir, My Name Is Barbra. Streisand wrote a 970-page book that talks about her life and career in show business. Oh, there’s a lot more than this in the memoir.

Another task Streisand took on was to record her own book for audiobook purposes. Admittedly, at the end of that process, Streisand was ready for a vacation. How did Streisand feel about herself?

“It took me six weeks, I think, to do the audiobook,” she said. “I was so sick of myself — can you imagine? I mean, you write a book for 10 years, then you’ve gotta say it out loud…”

Barbra Streisand Actually Did The Book Cover First

Streisand talked about prepping the print book for publication, according to Variety. “And then (for the print edition) you have to put the pictures in, and then you have to design the cover…,” she said.

“Well, I did that first. I had the cover before the book. That’s like the way I do albums, actually. I see the cover, and then I fill it in with the songs that go with the cover. That’s how I did the one called Wet (from 1979, all songs involving a water theme), or there are several of them like that, you know. I just do it backward.”

The singer-actress points out, though, that she did enjoy producing the audiobook herself. “I haven’t even had the time to play back the audiobook, which was easier for me to do than write a book,” Streisand said. “And because I could change the language, it’s not exactly like the book. It’s pretty much like the book, but then I would go off here and there and tell stories. But then I ended up taking them out anyway. And then, I wanted to add music to that version. To do the music takes a while, and just to regulate the sound, the volume of it, and so forth, with the words… I’ve never had the time to play it back.”

Streisand On The Road? Not So Sure About That

Streisand is not sure whether or not she will do another concert. But there’s hope that we will hear her sing on a record again. During a wide-ranging interview, she mentioned that she has a bad back nowadays. Getting around on stage might be kind of hard for her to do, she said.

Yet she still has a list of songs she performed in the early 1960s. Those songs haven’t been done by Streisand in years. So, she’s thought about putting those songs on a record. Streisand also admits that she enjoys the studio work because of its kind of privacy.

Another point Streisand made is that she never watches her movies. Yet in order to write about them, she had to see them again.

“I never watch my films. Why would I watch them?” Streisand asked. “But I had to watch my films to talk about them, to write about them. It’s interesting. I was proud of that one that was the first one for my company, Barwood Films, Up the Sandbox (from 1972)…”