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‘Back to the Future’ Co-Stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd Reunite at Charity Gala

‘Back to the Future’ Co-Stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd Reunite at Charity Gala

Long-time friends and Back to the Future co-stars Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd had quite an emotional reunion over the weekend. 

Fox News reports that the Michael J. Fox Foundation had its annual A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson’s gala where both the Back to the Future stars made a special appearance. The duo enjoyed a few laughs as they chatted and hugged. Along with Lloyd, Fox’s former Family Ties co-star Tina Yothers attended the event as well. All four of Fox’s children and his wife Tracy Pollan were also among the event’s attendees. 

The event is held annually to raise funds for Parkinson’s research. Fox was diagnosed with the disease in the early ‘90s. 

Meanwhile, the Back to the Future star spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the diagnosis and how having the disease gives him a new sense of purpose. “It clears the deck of all the BS,” he explained. “It really gets all of that stuff out of your life and you start seeing things that are important, like your family and your health and your career and your obligation and your opportunity to serve.” 

Fox also said that the disease is a “tremendous gift” to him. “[But it’s [also] a girl that keeps on taking… no matter how chipper I am about it.” 

(Photo Courtesy Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for The Michael J. Fox Foundation)

‘Back to the Future’ Star Michael J. Fox Stated He’s Been So Lucky While Battling Parkinson’s Disease 

As he continued to speak to Entertainment Tonight, Back to the Future star Michael J. Fox stated he has been so lucky while he’s battled Parkinson’s disease for over 30 years. 

“My family is extraordinary,” he declared. “My life is extraordinary, my kids are extraordinary.” 

Recalling how his family handled the disease in the early years, the actor said that his children didn’t take it in a lot through their childhood. “I mean, it was just who I was,” the Back to the Future star also stated. “And how I behaved and how I moved and how I responded to things.” 

However, now that they are adults, Fox’s children are more involved with the cause. “The thing I’m most proud of is they’re all very philanthropic,” he continued. “So it’s been great to see that develop in them. And, if in some way it is due to my experience, then I couldn’t be prouder.”

In regards to the Michael J. Fox Foundation’s progress, the actor then added he’s proud of the organization and the people who work for it. “[Years ago] I whispered in the woods and owls came flying, full of wisdom. It was just amazing the response that I got.”