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Arnold Schwarzenegger Hits Up This Special Restaurant Every Year After the Arnold Classic

Arnold Schwarzenegger Hits Up This Special Restaurant Every Year After the Arnold Classic

Arnold Schwarzenegger hits up the same restaurant every year he’s in town for his fitness competition, the Arnold Classic.

For almost twenty years, the Austrian Oak has been a regular visitor at Schmidt’s Sausage Haus, making an annual stop at the German Village eatery. During his recent visit to Columbus for The Arnold Classic, the renowned Conan the Barbarian star maintained his tradition.

Schmidt’s Sausage Haus is a German eatery in the German Village neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. Operating since 1886, it’s a key part of the German Village historic district, listed on local and national historic registers.

“He’s been coming in for at least 18 years,” Schmidt’s brand ambassador Matt Schmidt recently told 614 Magazine. “Whether he’s in town for The Arnold, or in town filming something. We typically get a call about 30 minutes beforehand. It’s his security detail, who we’ve formed a relationship with through the years.”

However, nowadays Arnold Schwarzenegger’s trips to the Columbus restaurant are a bit more laid back. Schmidt remembered that during Arnold’s governorship, the restaurant received a call a day ahead of his visit.

This advance notice allowed his security team to inspect the eatery for safety. “It used to be crazier when he was Governor. They would send bomb-sniffing dogs through the restaurant in the morning,” Schmidt recalled.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is Such a Fixture at the Restaurant, He Has a Room Named for Him

Indeed, the Austria-born Schwarzenegger is a regular presence at Schmidt’s, with the restaurant even honoring him with a dedicated space known as The Governor’s Room. This is Arnold’s preferred spot whenever he visits Schmidt’s.

Schmidt mentioned that Arnold would usually head straight for the buffet whenever it was available, often even before reaching his table. Since the buffet is currently unavailable, Arnold decided on the veal Wiener Schnitzel with red cabbage and German potatoes instead.

“I think it’s super special that he chooses us every time he’s in town,” Schmidt pointed out. “It makes us feel special. It reminds us that we’re doing a great job.”

Of course, Arnold isn’t the only one who loves the renowned eatery. In 2014, the restaurant’s “Bahama Mama” sausage on a roll earned the title of Columbus’s official food in a Columbus Dispatch contest, with 2,900 readers voting for it, making up 46% of the total votes. The restaurant’s cream puffs, beloved since the 1960s, are highly esteemed, just like Schmidt’s sausages that have been a tradition since the 1880s.