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Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits That His Sons Had to School Him About American Football

Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits That His Sons Had to School Him About American Football

Arnold Schwarzenegger, excited for his upcoming Super Bowl commercial, admits he found a passion for football thanks to his kids. Promoting his Super Bowl commercial for State Farm, the Conan the Barbarian star revealed that he gained most of his knowledge about American football while his children were growing up and playing the game.

“It was all more kind of their deal because I don’t come from the football background. I come from the soccer background,” Schwarzenegger, told People. “So I would say that the majority of things that I learned about football was through my kids because they would have their friends over and they would be talking about, ‘Oh, this is a foul,’ And I’d say, ‘Why was it a foul?’ And they would explain to me the rules.” 

Arnold Schwarzenegger highlighted that his sons, Patrick and Christopher, developed a strong command over football as they actively played the sport during their upbringing. “They were very, very smart and really experienced,” the Terminator star recalled.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Went From Knowing Nothing of Football to Throwing Family Bashes During Games

However, Arnold and his brood didn’t just watch games. The family’s love of football evolved into full-blown events. “We had football events at home. They brought their friends over,” Schwarzenegger said. “We had the 5,000 pounds of pizza that we’d serve. It was always a big deal.”

Schwarzenegger has teamed up with State Farm for a commercial set to air during the highly anticipated Sunday’s big game. The commercial showcases Arnold as Agent State Farm, cleverly alluding to his iconic career as an action movie star.

Even though Schwarzenegger is making a key appearance, he remains impartial as the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers gear up to compete for the NFL’s Vince Lombardi Trophy in Las Vegas.

For Arnold Schwarzenegger, football is more about the journey than the destination. “It doesn’t matter to me [who wins],” Arnold insists. “I’ve been really enjoying watching those teams play and I’m really looking forward to that. No matter what it is, if you watch the best you’re going to enjoy it.”

Schwarzenegger’s State Farm ad is scheduled to air right before the start of the second quarter on Sunday during the highly anticipated Super Bowl LVIII matchup between the Chiefs and the 49ers. The game will be broadcast on CBS at 6:30 p.m. ET.