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Are ‘Gilmore Girls’ Stars Scott Patterson and Lauren Graham Friends in Real Life?

Are ‘Gilmore Girls’ Stars Scott Patterson and Lauren Graham Friends in Real Life?

In the Gilmore Girls universe, no twosome has drawn such scrutiny to their work as has Scott Peterson and Lauren Graham. Peterson played Luke Danes opposite Graham’s Lorelei Gilmore. The scenes both were in throughout the original series’ run hooked fans into their storyline. But situations presented by scriptwriters led fans to think Patterson and Graham were either an item or feuding.

Fans have even wondered if the actors were friends in real life. To put the question to rest, they are friends as far as their working relationship is concerned. Patterson has been hosting a Gilmore Girls-centric podcast, which looks back at different episodes.

He then offers his own thoughts about them, along with sharing his experiences from being on the set.

Scott Patterson Talks ‘Gilmore Girls’ on Podcast

Graham and Patterson played out what was on the paper for them to do on the show. Watching Lorelei and Luke have their interactions kept fans glued to their television sets each week. While doing his podcast, Patterson has had different cast members drop by for a visit.

Fans, obviously, wanted to see Graham get a guest spot alongside Patterson. It has not worked out, though. This led to more fuel being added around the “they don’t like each other” rumor. Patterson finally came out and said that they had been working to find a time for Graham to appear. When that right time lines up, then she will be on with Patterson. That might set some type of podcast download record with all the fans focusing on Lorelei and Luke over the years.

It might be a case where Gilmore Girls fans will just have to be patient. Graham unintentionally might have lit this feuding fuse early on in the series’ run. In an interview, Graham was asked if she and Patterson were “best friends.” She responded with a short, curt “no” and went on to answer other questions. But fans took her response and maybe body language to heart.

Lauren Graham Cleans Up A Response

Graham later on cleared up her response a little bit. She said that the entire thing was “overblown.” Graham looked upon her time with Patterson as a “working relationship.” She also had very kind things to say about Patterson. An article in The New York Times indicated that Graham and Patterson both quit smoking at the same time. Reportedly, they did so in order to better handle the quick delivery of their lines on Gilmore Girls.

Patterson, now 65, also made his mark by playing Peter Stahm in the Saw franchise of films. He’s been married to his second wife, Kristine Saryan, since 2014. He’s the father of two children, Hope and Frank. Graham, 56, also showed up in the miniseries Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. She’s been single since 2021, when Graham and Peter Krause divorced after a 20-year marriage.

But she’s back in the acting game, picking up an acting role in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, according to Digital Spy. Graham will be the movie’s narrator, marking her first movie role in eight years.

Somehow, seeing Graham and Petterson succeed in their own careers will not stop the Gilmore Girls questions. Despite all signs pointing toward the actors getting along, some fans will not be satisfied. For them, it’s a way to keep Gilmore Girls alive in their own worlds.