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Antonio Banderas Reflects on Split With Melanie Griffith, Successful Co-Parenting

Antonio Banderas Reflects on Split With Melanie Griffith, Successful Co-Parenting

A little over eight years after he and his wife of nearly 20 years, Melanie Griffith, officially called it quits, Antonio Banderas opens up about how the duo have successfully co-parented their daughter Stella. 

During a recent interview with Fox News Digital, Banderas spoke about the “key” to successful co-parenting. “The secret is just to understand each other,” the actor explained. “I’m very good friends with my ex-wife. I don’t have anything against her.”

Antonio Banderas also stated that Griffith is a wonderful woman, despite their split. “I still respect and support the idea that everything that happened between her and me for 20 years was beautiful.”

However, Banderas did admit he and his ex have had their bad moments. That hasn’t stopped him from being positive about their relationship. “But the thing that I will remember forever is those beautiful moments that we had together. And one of those beautiful moments has to do with our kids and the family.”

Despite no longer being married, Antonio Banderas said he always spends time with Griffith and their blended family while visiting Los Angeles. “If I go to Los Angeles, the first thing there that I do is call her,” the actor continued. “We go for dinner, we just get together, the whole family. And so that is very important. Not only to us but to the rest of the family.” 

Antonio Banderas Once Said That He and Melanie Griffith Were ‘Reluctant to Bury’ 20 Years of Marriage 

Antonio Banderas also spoke about his split from Melanie Griffith during an interview with El Break de las 7. 

“I think we are both reluctant to buy 20 years of marriage,” he told the media outlet at the time. “We are human beings, we make mistakes and that is a human condition.”

The actor further explained the importance of being selfless during a breakup like his. “You have to leave the egos aside and not want to prove that you are right or find who’s guilty of what. Because it may be both or neither of you. There is a moment when things are over and you have to accept it.” 

Banderas went on to add that the life he had with Griffith was beautiful. “We had 20 wonderful years during which we gave our best and lived wonderful moments that I will not forget. We had a wonderful daughter that we both love and that is the end result of our relationship, the most beautiful thing we have ever done together.”