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Andy Griffith Saved the Holidays for Boy Scouts With His 50-acre Christmas Tree Farm

Andy Griffith Saved the Holidays for Boy Scouts With His 50-acre Christmas Tree Farm

Despite keeping to himself, Andy Griffith appreciated his neighbors in his coastal town of Manteo, NC, and he had a unique way of giving back to the community for Christmas.

Unlike most celebrities, Griffith didn’t like being in the limelight. Instead of moving to Los Angeles or New York like many stars, he remained close to his childhood hometown of Mt. Airy, NC.

After The Andy Griffith Show ended in 1968, the actor had a lull in work. While he was still considered a huge star, he mostly made guest appearances on popular series until his career picked back up with Matlock. So, he spent the majority of his time at his beachfront home with his then-teenage children.

Andy Griffith Didn’t Mind Giving Up His Ocean View

Throughout the year, Andy Griffith would keep to himself. He liked to hunt and fish, or simply sit on the beach and enjoy the view. The town locals also respected his desire for solitude, so they didn’t bother him when they’d see him strolling around town.

According to an archived article in The News and Observer Sun, Andy Griffith also devoted time to growing Christmas trees on his 53 acres. That way, he could open his home to Boy Scouts and their families each year so they could visit his home and pick one out. It became a cherished tradition for everyone involved.

“He didn’t sell ‘em or anything,” reads the article, per MeTV. “He gave ‘em away … to the Boy Scouts. You heard of this fella. Used to play Sheriff Taylor on that TV show. Now ain’t that just like him to go and do that?”

Griffith admitted that the tree tops obstructed his gorgeous view of Roanoke Sound, but he didn’t mind. He looked forward to visiting with his community during the holidays, so he figured the small inconvenience was well worth it.