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Al Roker Meets Adorable Toddler Fan Live on ‘Today Show’

Al Roker Meets Adorable Toddler Fan Live on ‘Today Show’

Al Roker has plenty of fans who watch him religiously every weekday morning, but he had a special friend drop by on Friday. It happened to be 2-year-old Justin Gunter Jr., who had fallen in love with one of Roker’s catchphrases.

Gunter Jr. recently was featured in one of the show’s Morning Boost segments. When the young tyke hears Roker yell “Sunday! Sunday!” when giving the weekend forecast, it sends him to the moon.

On Friday, Gunter Jr., along with parents Justin Sr. and Sheli Muñiz, who happens to be an anchor with NBC 6 in Miami, stopped by the Today studios in Rockefeller Center. They ended up being on the Today set with Craig Melvin, Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, and Sheinelle Jones.

“We’re missing just one person, Justin. Who are we missing?” Kotb asked. “We’re missing somebody,” Sheinelle said.

Young Toddler Ends Up Meeting Al Roker

Gunter Jr. then heard Roker’s “Sunday Sunday!” catchphrase from off-camera. He twirled his head to see Roker walking toward him and sitting next to him.

“How are you, buddy?” he said, as they hugged. “My little ‘Sunday Sunday!’ guy.”

Gunter Jr. busied himself with a toy dinosaur, then mentioned he wanted to hear some sort of sound.

“You want to say it with me?” Roker asked, thinking he was interested in saying “Sunday Sunday!”

“OK, let’s say it together. One, two, three — ‘Sunday Sunday!’” Roker said, as Gunter Jr. listened.

“Can we try, Justin?” Kotb asked. Others tried to prompt him to say it.

Roker repeated his catchphrase, but again Gunter. Jr. didn’t join in. It incites more laughter from those around him.

“Justin’s thinking, ‘I’m no trick pony. I don’t perform on your command,’” Roker joked.

And then, an early Christmas miracle.

“Sunday Sunday!” he yelled out enthusiastically, spurring everyone to cheer.

Kid’s Reactions Lead To Family Filming Them

Gunter Jr. asked his mother and father to say it, which they did. He repeated the catchphrase, which caused further cheering.

Muñiz said that Gunter Jr.’s chant compelled them to start capturing his reactions.

“That’s why we started filming it because we realized during the days that he wasn’t saying it, and Al, he’s asking for it, I caught myself YouTubing ‘Sunday Sunday Al Roker’ and I couldn’t find anything,” she said.

“So that’s why I started recording, initially. And (we have) this compilation of all these videos and we thought, ‘OK, we have to do something with this.’”

Then, for good measure, Gunter Jr. chimed in again with a third “Sunday Sunday!” right before the segment ended. It gave everyone around him a Friday Friday they’ll never forget.