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Action Packed Video Proves Chuck Norris Didn’t Turn 84, 84 Turned Chuck Norris

Action Packed Video Proves Chuck Norris Didn’t Turn 84, 84 Turned Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris, the martial arts master and action movie icon, is blowing fans’ minds with a legendary 84th birthday post on social media. Norris took to Instagram to commemorate his big day with a video of him pummeling a punching bag.

“Feeling good and staying active! Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. God Bless,” Chuck Norris captioned the training footage.

However, the audio from the post is eye-opening about how youthful the octogenarian feels. “You know, I may be 84 today… but I feel like I’m 48!” a grinning Norris proclaims in the video.

Fans and Friends Take to Social Media to Wish Chuck Norris a Happy 84th Birthday

Of course, the comments section was filled with well-wishing fans and friends of the action legend. “He has aged like 5 years in the last 20 years,” one fan marveled. “Happy Birthday, Chuck. You look terrific!” Norris’s Expendables 2 costar Dolph Lundgren wrote. MMA champion turned actor Georges St-Pierre summed it up nicely writing, “Legend.”

Meanwhile, another wellwisher pointed out that we likely have many more years of Norris to enjoy. “Fun fact! His mom is still alive and is 103 years old!” they noted.

However, this being a Chuck Norris social media post, jokes about the martial arts legend were bound to come. “Chuck Norris wears boxing gloves to protect the bag, not his hands,” a fan quipped. “[It’s]fake. if this was real that bag would of exploded way before the punch landed,” another Instagram user joked. “The strongest punching bag in the world,” a third fan agreed.

Lastly, one Instagram user took a playful jab at YouTuber turned exhibition boxer Jake Paul. “Jake Paul been real quiet since this dropped,” they joked, implying Paul is ducking a match with Norris.

Norris followed Bruce Lee’s path to become a beloved action star. He debuted in 1972’s Way of the Dragon alongside Lee and amazed audiences with hits like Breaker! Breaker! and Good Guys Wear Black in the late ’70s. During the 1980s, Norris gained fame for his roles in military action movies such as Missing in Action.

Transitioning to television, he became a household name through the series Walker, Texas Ranger, which aired from 1993 to 2001. This ultimately sparked the well-known Chuck Norris facts meme.

Certainly, Chuck Norris continues to strive for success beyond his previous achievements. He is poised to feature alongside Vanilla Ice in the upcoming action comedy Zombie Plane. Additionally, Norris will showcase his talent alongside Derek Ting and Marc Singer in Agent Recon later this year.