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A Preteen Kurt Russell Once Charmed Tough Guy Charles Bronson with a Birthday Gift

A Preteen Kurt Russell Once Charmed Tough Guy Charles Bronson with a Birthday Gift

Kurt Russell has been around television and movies since he was a teenager, working with actors like Charles Bronson. But Russell remembers a time before Bronson became a big movie star in the 1970s. When he was 12 years old, Russell starred in a television series called The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters.

The show only lasted one season, yet it did provide Russell with this wonderful story to share. Russell was chatting it up with Jimmy Kimmel on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, on ABC. In this clip, Russell gives Kimmel a bottle of wine from his winery. Then, Kimmel asks what was the most memorable or most interesting gift he ever gave or received for his birthday.

Kurt Russell Surprises Bronson With Gift

This leads Kurt Russell to tell a truly touching story about him and Bronson. So, Russell happened to find out that Bronson’s birthday was coming up. He went out and got him a gift, which was a remote control airplane. When Russell gave Bronson this gift, Charles Bronson looked down at the ground and then walked away. A few minutes passed by and one of the show’s crew members came up to Russell.

He told him that Bronson wanted to see him in his room. So, Russell went over and knocked on Bronson’s door. Bronson opened it and looked down at Russell. According to Russell, Bronson said that no one had ever gotten him a birthday gift. He told Russell “Thank you” and then closed his door.

Russell tells this story, but there’s another one to follow, as he chats with Kimmel.

Later in the show’s season, Bronson figured out when Russell’s birthday was from someone. Bronson learned that Russell was a big fan of skateboarding at the time. So, Bronson gave Russell one of the day’s premiere-looking skateboards.

In time, Charles Bronson also revealed that he got a skateboard too. This led Kurt Russell and Charles Bronson to go out and skateboard around the studio where they filmed The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters. It probably also let these guys bond a little together, too.

Russell tells Kimmel that one day, one of the show’s crew members tells Russell that he can’t skateboard on the MGM lot anymore. Well, some time passes and Bronson notices that Kurt Russell isn’t skateboarding at all. Bronson comes up to Russell and asks him why he’s not doing it anymore. Russell tells Bronson that one of the crew told him that he couldn’t do it anymore.

Bronson Makes Sure They Can Skateboard

Well, Bronson heard this and didn’t like to hear what happened to his friend. Russell tells Kimmel that he and Bronson took their skateboards in hand and made a trip. Yeah, they made a trip to the head of the studio. Bronson leads Russell past the secretary and right into the studio head’s office.

Russell said Bronson looked at the studio head and told him that they were going to skateboard around the studio. In other words, Bronson didn’t ask if it was OK. He just said matter-of-factly that this was going to happen.

As far as we know, they kept up their skateboarding antics until the show finished its run. Bronson and Russell, after some cast attrition, ended up being the focal points in the series. Once the show ended, Russell eventually signed a 10-year contract with Walt Disney. Bronson had been in a few movies by this time. He became a big movie star in Europe and then came back to the United States. Bronson starred in the popular yet controversial Death Wish in 1974, which spawned four sequels. He found his niche in action-adventure movies.