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’80s Supermodel Carol Alt Admits She ‘Suffered’ During Her Career

’80s Supermodel Carol Alt Admits She ‘Suffered’ During Her Career

Decades after her rise to supermodel fame, Carol Alt has shared her secrets to aging gracefully without feeling like a broken-down vehicle.

During an interview with Fox News, Alt spoke about how mental health impacts physical health, and how important it is to take care of both. “I want to run like a Ferrari,” she explained. “And so I put Ferrari-type fuel in my body. Some of that fuel includes raw food, lots of water, and green tea.”

Although her modeling career is very well known, Carol Alt admitted that she had some rough patches along the way. “I wish when I was 18, 19 years old and somebody said to me, ‘You should eat your vegetables raw.’”

Alt said she suffered through her modeling career because she was always tired and always malnourished. “I was always trying to keep my weight down,” she explained. “I didn’t eat, and when I ate, I ate garbage because I really did not know what to eat.”

The struggles with her lifestyle and eating routines caused Carol Alt to have a “health breakdown” when she was nearing her 40s. She pointed out that Dr. Timothy Brantley, who specialists in nutritional healing, helped her get everything back on track. She described him as her guru. 

“I watched him deal with people,” she continued. “He was amazing, and I changed everything, and all of a sudden I had a new lease on life.”

Carol Alt States If She Would Have Changed Her Eating Habits Earlier, Her Modeling Career Would Have been Different

Meanwhile, Carol Alt claimed if she had changed her eating habits and lifestyle earlier in life, her modeling career would have been different. 

“I just had no energy left to be cool and groovy,” she reflected. Alt then offered some advice to aspiring models looking to kick-start their careers. She pointed out that social media is now the key to modeling career success. 

“Get an Instagram account,” Carol Alt advised. “You have to understand the entire business has changed. They don’t want to build somebody’s Instagram account and people are hiring people who have huge followings on Instagram. So, it’s really changed a lot.”

Along with modeling, Alt has appeared in various films and TV shows. This includes playing Kelly LaRue on the TV series Thunder in Paradise in the early 90s. She also played Agent Monica McBridge in the 1997 film The Protector. Other films she’s been in are Beyond Justice, Relevation, Private Parts, and Amazon.